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The Importance of Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

shutterstock_249309910The food choices your loved one makes each day affects their overall health. Certain eating habits may even indicate that it’s time to consider Assisted Living. This article explores various signs of an unhealthy diet, along with the nutrition plans offered by several senior living communities. (more…)

Preparing for Life in an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_177734438When declining health or an increasing need for assistance makes it too difficult for a senior citizen to live alone or with family, many people choose an Assisted Living community as the best place for their loved one. Making this move is often stressful for the senior, especially if they have been independent for most of their life. The following steps can help to smooth the transition. …Read more ›

The Cost of Hiring Caregivers vs. Assisted Living

shutterstock_89095477On average, working-age households have a median retirement account balance of $3,000. This falls significantly short of the estimated $80,000 per year cost for long-term care. Instead, many families opt for Assisted Living or hire caretakers to save money. These two options offer plenty of flexibility and can cut monthly expenses. …Read more ›

Practical Gifts for Assisted Living Residents

shutterstock_296430281You may have trouble coming up with gift ideas for a loved one in an Assisted Living community. You want to avoid crowding their living space while still gifting something that they’ll find useful. Keeping these parameters in mind, consider the following gift ideas for your parent or loved one on their next birthday, holiday, or special celebration. …Read more ›

Lifestyle Changes You Can Expect When Transitioning to Senior Living

shutterstock_127260230 (1)The first few weeks at a senior living community can present a variety of hurdles for seniors and their family members.

The transition to senior living signals a major stepping stone in life and a push toward better healthcare and wellness. For many seniors, the decision to move into a senior living community comes as a result of a major illness, injury, or complications with their living …Read more ›

When Words Fail: How to Communicate with a Loved One Who Has Dementia

shutterstock_131122493Families have enough difficulty discussing senior living when their loved one’s memory is intact, but what happens when the loved one has dementia? Among other things, dementia impairs the ability to process and produce words, leading to confusion, anxiety, and even depression. (more…)

Reconsidering Retirement with Life Plan Communities

shutterstock_247275964As they reach retirement age, baby boomers have generally remained a healthier, more active group than many previous generations of Americans. More baby boomers have also had the unique opportunity to plan for the active retirement lives they wish to lead. This group envisions retirement as a chance to reinvent themselves rather than slowing down. This shift in attitude has caused the senior housing industry to transform …Read more ›

Four Tips for Decorating Your Parent’s Assisted Living Home

shutterstock_286338008Moving into a senior living community presents a stressful lifestyle change for those who’ve lived in the same home for many years. The old home has memories and a particular comfort in which you or your loved one have grown accustomed. In contrast, a new home may feel foreign and uncomfortable, making the transition to a senior living community more difficult. …Read more ›

A Guide to Homeowner Options for Financing a Senior Care Community

shutterstock_283140074According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, the average cost of senior living nationwide is over $3,000 per month. When many older adults and their families discover this, they begin searching for ways to help cover these expenses. A great option for generating funds is for seniors to utilize one of their greatest financial assets: their home. This guide gives an overview of some of the …Read more ›

Preparing for a New Relationship with Your Parent

shutterstock_100664785Each family member will struggle with an Assisted Living transition in their own way. For seniors making the move, giving up their previous home, familiar routines, and some aspect of their independence commonly elicits an emotional response. Family members, especially full-time caregivers, may experience some emotional upheaval as well, as they, too, must adjust to a new routine and may find themselves relating to their parent …Read more ›

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