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Diabetes Care in Senior Living

shutterstock_366828323According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 25 percent of adults sixty-five and older have diabetes. Appropriate medical care becomes increasingly important with aging, and many seniors turn to senior living communities to provide that care. In fact, the prevalence of diabetes in senior living communities ranges from 25-34 percent of the resident population. Managing diabetes in senior housing does not vary …Read more ›

How to Get Legal Affairs in Order for Assisted Living

shutterstock_212792899Most Assisted Living communities require residents to arrange their legal affairs prior to moving into their new home. As difficult as it may be, you need to make important decisions about your financial and healthcare affairs. Use the following suggestions to help organize your documents before moving into an Assisted Living community.

Seek legal advice – Find an attorney to help you get your affairs in order before …Read more ›

How to Tell If Your Loved One Has Dementia

shutterstock_311474576Every year, doctors diagnose over three million people with dementia. However, many remain unaware of this ailment. (more…)

Transforming the Moving Process into a Fun Project

shutterstock_111395384After finding an appropriate senior community for your loved one and signing all the paperwork, you must plan the physical move itself. The moving process can feel daunting to a loved one downsizing their belongings and leaving behind a previous home. However, you can still take several steps to engage your loved one and even turn the move into a fun project. …Read more ›

Connecting Senior Living Residents to the Local Community

shutterstock_257431405Some may think of senior living communities as islands unto themselves, separated from the world around them. However, there are countless ways that senior living communities keep residents connected to what is happening outside its walls and beyond its grounds. (more…)

Ongoing Needs of Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

shutterstock_186330530It has been over a year since Sorelei, Craig Feldman’s eighty-two-year-old mother, moved into an Assisted Living community in Plano, TX. Below, he shares his family’s experience and discusses her ongoing needs, additional services, and other information relatives of family members in Assisted Living communities should know. (more…)

Stories That Explore the Experiences of Seniors with Terminal Illness

shutterstock_397973647A loved one with a terminal illness needs more than assistance with transportation and feeding; they need a specific type of emotional care. (more…)

What to Do When Your Parents Don’t Want to Live with You

shutterstock_237061231Once it becomes clear that your parents can no longer live independently, you may want to invite them to live with you. However, they may prefer to move to an Assisted Living community. How can you get past your hurt feelings and understand your parents’ perspective? (more…)

Signs Your Loved One Is Depressed after an Assisted Living Transition

shutterstock_243405787Not all transitions to an Assisted Living community go as smoothly as planned. Especially for loved ones unaccustomed to changes in their living arrangements, the move can result in anxiety and even signs of depression. While seniors all display symptoms of depression in their own ways, recognizing some common warning signs can mean the difference between helping your loved one adjust and having them develop …Read more ›

Five Questions to Remember When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_410401945Many people would describe finding the perfect Assisted Living community for a loved one as a nerve-racking experience, at best. Yet, you can disarm some of the inherent stress of the process by asking yourself a few important questions as you tour potential providers.  (more…)

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