Best Podcasts for Retirees Considering Senior Living

shutterstock_317804807Podcasts offer a new and exciting way for seniors and their families to find helpful advice about senior communities. For those who aren’t familiar with podcasts, they are essentially radio programs uploaded to the Internet that can be listened to at any time. You can listen to podcasts on a variety of electronic devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The following podcasts deal with senior-related issues, including financial management, finding the right senior community, and finding happiness in life after retirement.  

Retirement Talk for Boomers, Seniors, and Retirees

By: Del Lowery

Intended for seniors or those considering retirement, this informative and entertaining podcast closely examines the lives of its target audience. Del Lowry offers advice about life, things to do, health, finances, and many other subjects related to the senior lifestyle. Many adult children of retirees benefit from the show as well, since it helps them understand what their parents go through as they age. Sample topics covered include money management, downsizing possessions, and finding meaning in retirement life.

My Silver Age


This podcast focuses on helping seniors achieve the lifestyle they want, regardless of their age. My Silver Age provides useful information to older adults and their families about how to celebrate aging, and it empowers them to face life’s obstacles head on. Some past coverage includes “How to Talk about End of Life Care” and “How to Make Friends and Expand Your Social Circle.”

Senior Care Corner

By: Kathy & Barry

Each episode in Senior Care Corner includes news items of interest to seniors and their caregivers, a feature segment with an in-depth discussion, and quick tips for enhancing the lives of elderly loved ones. Kathy and Barry’s past podcasts include titles such as “Senior Homes: A Senior and Family Resource” and “Choosing the Right Nursing Home.”

Transition Aging Parents

By: Dale Carter

Dale Carter provides insight and information to adult children of aging parents so they can help their parents to “thrive and find joy” at every stage of life. In this podcast, Dale, along with other experts in the field of gerontology, share their advice on how to approach any change or crisis in an aging parent’s life with clarity and confidence. Some of the covered topics include Alzheimer’s/other forms of dementia, caregiving, communication, respite care, and financial issues.

The Aging in America Podcast

By: Greg Joyce

This podcast helps seniors navigate the aging process along with its assortment of challenges and rewards. Greg Joyce invites professionals from around the nation to share their expertise on topics ranging from senior care and social well-being to physical and mental health. In one especially useful episode, he covers senior living communities by explaining what it means to live in one, what questions to ask when considering senior housing, why you should speak to the residents beforehand, and other general tips for beginning the search with an aging loved one or parent.

Senior Agenda

By: Lisa Stockdale

This podcast focuses on all things senior with an emphasis on wellness in aging by examining important social, political, economic, and healthcare issues related to older adults. Lisa Stockdale also includes a segment titled “Slow Down, Listen, and Learn,” which highlights residents of senior living communities and gives them the opportunity to tell their stories.

After55 Living

After 55 Living is a comprehensive online resource for seniors and their families that features news and information gathered from leading print publications, broadcast networks, web video channels, and other podcasts. Past topics include “Hospice Programs for Dementia Patients,” “Managing Your Parent’s Money as an Adult,” and “How to Talk to Parents about Aging.”

shutterstock_437917996You can stream many of these podcasts online; however, you also have the option to download them to your device to listen offline as well. This convenient option is great for seniors who aren’t as comfortable with computers or mobile devices. You can help your loved one stock up on their favorites by downloading the episodes for them, allowing them to listen at their leisure.

If the programs help you and your loved one come to a decision regarding senior living, you can also reach out to an Our Parents Senior Living Advisor who will help you apply all the information you’ve gathered to the senior community options in your area.

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