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Understanding Senior-Friendly Attire

shutterstock_193629749When it comes to senior fashion, functionality takes precedence over style. Unlike young adults, seniors have a tougher time regulating a consistent body temperature of 98.6°F. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at retaining heat, leading to lower average temperatures the older we get. Thick, knitted sweaters on a breezy afternoon or paper-thin t-shirts during the summertime lower the chances of complications related to …Read more ›

How to Support with a Senior Loved One Suffering from Food Insecurity

shutterstock_127409051Food insecurity has become a growing concern in America with 15.8 million households affected in 2015. Factors such as poverty, unemployment, and limited access to grocery stores all contribute to the growing issue of food insecurity, a state in which a family has limited access to affordable and healthy food and suffers from prolonged hunger. Seniors are among the millions of Americans affected by this …Read more ›

How Assisted Living Addresses the Challenges of the Disabled

shutterstock_14222041In an Assisted Living environment, older adults get the support they need with the activities of daily living (ADLs). As a result, they can spend their days enjoying activities and interactions with others, rather than becoming frustrated by their physical limitations. For disabled individuals, the ways in which Assisted Living can improve an individual’s quality of life comes even more sharply into focus. …Read more ›

Transitioning Your Loved One to a Residential Care Home

shutterstock_435990424Seniors who need specialized care, such as those with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, can find assistance with daily tasks in Residential Care Facilities (RCF), also known as Board and Care Homes. Many aging adults and their families prefer RCFs because they are smaller communities with a home-like atmosphere and more one-on-one care, which is often more beneficial for resident health and safety. Typically serving between …Read more ›

Telemedicine in Senior Living: The Newest Healthcare Trend

shutterstock_164722715According to the American Telemedicine Association, telemedicine is “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.” Essentially, it allows medical professionals to provide interactive healthcare to patients by using modern technology and telecommunications. This technology lets patients visit with their physicians live over video for immediate care. As the use of this …Read more ›

Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Seniors with Dementia

shutterstock_239451376When a loved one lives with dementia, many families choose a senior community to provide assistance with changing care needs. And those needs aren’t limited to the physical and emotional side; seniors with dementia have spiritual needs as well. How can families provide spiritual support for their loved one after a move to Memory Care? Reverend Colette Bachand-Wood, author of Do This, Remembering Me: The …Read more ›

A Financial Look at Alzheimer’s Disease Care

shutterstock_389065987Over five million Americans and their families live with Alzheimer’s disease. Between long-term care, medical services, mental care, and hospice, Alzheimer’s disease can rapidly burden families with both emotional and financial stress. In order to help alleviate the financial toll, the Alzheimer’s Association, along with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), annually summarizes the costs families can expect to pay for quality Alzheimer’s …Read more ›

#ElderCareChat 10/19/16: The Power of Soft Therapies

shutterstock_431933122This week, 32 participants engaged in an inspiring conversation about the power of “soft” therapies (art, music, laughter, reminiscence, storytelling, and more). From connecting caregivers and seniors to producing joy, the benefits of such therapeutic interventions are undeniable.

We were pleased to welcome Rachelle Norman, MA, MT-BC, as our guest expert for this discussion. Rachelle is the founder of Soundscaping Source, where her mission is to bring meaningful music experiences to older adults …Read more ›

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Long-Distance Families: Recognizing Signs Your Parent Needs More Care

shutterstock_138990563The National Institute on Aging estimates that over three million Americans fit the definition of long-distance caregivers. Whether you live an hour away or in a different state, caregiving for aging loved ones at a distance presents very real challenges. For example, parents may not share health issues with their children who live far away from home because they don’t want to worry them. However, …Read more ›

Should You Hire an Elder Mediator?

shutterstock_98488145When the conversation turns to senior living, many families have trouble seeing eye to eye. If your family cannot reach a mutually agreeable solution, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn. In these situations, an elder mediator—a trained, impartial third party—can help. (more…)

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