Success Stories: The Difference Veterans Benefits Can Make

Success Stories: The Difference Veteran's Benefits Can MakeDid you know that veterans and surviving spouses who are eligible for a VA pension and require the aid and attendance of another person may be eligible for additional monetary payment? Though the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit is often overlooked, it can make all the difference in the world for those who qualify.

But don’t take our word for it—take a look at recent stories of real veterans and their families who have used the resources at to obtain the Aid and Attendance benefit, and are reaping the rewards.

Hard Work Pays Off

In November 2016, Kaiya began the Aid and Attendance application process on behalf of her father in assisted living, asking questions and scouring the forums at “The forums have saved me countless hours and headaches,” she wrote. “I don’t feel alone and overwhelmed with the multi-pronged process of applying for pension benefits for my father.”

Then, just six months later, she learned that her hard work had paid off.

“I filed the A&A application for my Dad, a 95 year old WWII veteran who has dementia, on November 28, 2016, and received the award letter via his Senator on May 19, 2017,” she wrote. “Thanks to your excellent advice on many occasions, the latest being contacting the Senator’s office, my brother received the award letter via email even before it’s delivered by the Post Office.”

For Kaiya’s dad, these veterans benefits are a game changer.

“On June 1, my Dad had his first monthly pension benefit deposited into his bank account,” she shared. “I am so grateful. Without this pension, he would have depleted his funds in less than a year.”

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Before she discovered, “casagrayson” applied for the Aid and Attendance benefit for her parents—both World War II veterans—but the application was denied. She began to ask questions on the forums, and soon got the Department of Veterans Affairs to reconsider and approve her parents’ claim.

Fast-forward a few months, and casagrayson applied for the Aid and Attendance benefit for her father-in-law, this time applying the lessons she had learned with her own parents. The result? Success, with much less stress.

“Three days ago I checked the ebenefits site and saw that a decision had been made and a packet mailed. Today I checked the payments section of the ebenefits site and saw a deposit for the retroactive benefits! Start to finish: three months,” she wrote. “SO thankful to everyone here for holding my hand the first time around and providing such a wealth of information for this time around.”

Paying It Forward

In March 2016, “gmasjo” applied for the Aid and Attendance benefit on behalf of his 94-year-old grandmother, and received notice of approval five months later. Relieved, he wrote that the benefit “lifts a huge weight off” his family’s shoulders.

“The pension will be so helpful for my grandmother’s quality of life as well as her anxiety level… she was lying awake at night wondering how she would continue to pay for her care when she ran out of money,” he wrote.

Grateful for the help his family received, gmasjo shared a detailed account of his experience at in order to pay it forward to others at various stages of the application process.

“I know that when I was filling out the application myself, I wanted every piece of information I could find that might help me,” he wrote. “So hopefully this information will help someone else in the future.”

In fact, he said the site was instrumental in his grandmother’s successful application for veterans benefits.

“I would never have been able to get all of this done without the help of this site and everyone who posted great information; I was so overwhelmed in the beginning, and this site made all the difference.”

More Testimonials

  • “Success! Thanks to the excellent advice received on these forums, we received approval for my mother-in-law’s A&A application today for the full benefit amount. MY SINCERE THANKS to the forum moderators! This would have been a painful process without your excellent guidance.”Frank Womble
  • “Without the assistance of this website, I doubt I would have been as successful obtaining A&A for my mother who is 89 and residing in an assisted living facility. I received approval for benefits five months after sending in the application and documentation.” NDgirlz
  • “My father-in-law received recent confirmation and payment for pension. I helped him complete all the forms and I sought your advice on several occasions. I sincerely appreciate your assistance and all the information made available on Veteran Aid. You made a challenging process tolerable and made it possible for me to get the correct information needed for the application. The decision fortunately only took about three months from start to finish! Thank you doesn’t seem adequate but Thank You Very Much!” Bob

Need help with the Aid and Attendance application process? Ask your questions on the forums at


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