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Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy-

Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy-If you can’t afford life insurance premiums into retirement and you’re considering surrendering your policy, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Instead of getting little to nothing for your policy, you can work with a life settlement company to secure a solid chunk of your benefit—without paying further premiums.

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How Can Seniors Boost Their Credit Score?

how can seniors boost their credit scores?

how can seniors boost their credit scores?Recently, we highlighted 5 reasons credit scores matter for seniors. As Freddie Huynh, Freedom Financial Network’s vice president of credit risk analytics, points out, a good score gives seniors options. On the flip side, he cautions that a low score can limit choices. So what can you do when your score is lower than …Read more ›

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A Man’s World? Not in Senior Living

In Senior Living, It’s Not a

In Senior Living, It’s Not aVisit an assisted living community or skilled nursing facility, and one observation may immediately strike you—there are a lot more women than men. In fact, Argentum reports that women outnumber men in assisted living by a ratio of 7 to 1, and the ratio is even higher at nursing homes. …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 10/4/17 Recap: Boosting Brain Health

#ElderCareChat recap -

#ElderCareChat analytics 10/4/17We were pleased to welcome Silverado, a nationally recognized provider of home care, memory care, and hospice services, as our expert panelist for our most recent #ElderCareChat. Silverado engaged participants in an exciting Twitter conversation on the importance of brain health as we age, and ways to keep the brain in optimum condition. (more…)

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Advice for Older Family Caregivers

Advice for Older Caregivers

Advice for Older CaregiversWhen people reach their retirement years, they likely have visions of doing the things they never had time for before. Perhaps they want to travel, play more golf, volunteer for their favorite charity, or spend time enjoying their grandchildren. By the time they reach Social Security eligibility, most people are probably not expecting to be fulfilling a caregiving role for an elderly parent—and yet …Read more ›

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Should You Write an Ethical Will?

Should You Write an Ethical Will-

Should You Write an Ethical Will-As we age, we understand the importance of creating a legal will in order to leave our worldly possessions to the ones we love. Similarly, an ethical will (or legacy letter) enables us to communicate the values we hold most dear and pass them down through the generations.


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