Be Wary of Hypothermia in Seniors

older_hypothermiaBaby, it’s cold outside! And when it gets cold, older adults can suffer the effects of hypothermia more severely than younger people. (more…)

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Oldest Seniors Are Optimistic About Today’s Youth

young_and_oldThe oldest Americans are generally optimistic about today’s youth, though they also feel that young adults spend far too much time on their electronic devices and need to gain a greater appreciation of the value of hard work. (more…)

Seniors’ Changing Sleep Patterns

senior_insomniaAre your older parents bleary-eyed or complaining about not getting a good night’s sleep? Chances are their sleep patterns are changing. Even if that’s the case, their need for sleep remains constant. (more…)

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Seniors Driving in Larger Numbers

senior_drivingThere are more senior drivers than ever on the roads these days—not only because of the aging population but because higher percentages of those ages 65 and older continue to drive. (more…)

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Seniors and Money Management

seniors and money management

seniors and money managementMoney management can be an increasing difficult task for seniors. Not only are they typically on a fixed income, but they may also have poor eyesight that makes it more difficult to write checks or read figures. Additionally, they may be experiencing cognitive decline, causing them to forget to pay bills or record financial transactions. …Read more ›

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Index Ranks Best Cities for Successful Aging

Madison_WIWhat do the cities of Madison, Wis., and Iowa City, Iowa, have in common? They rank at the top of the Best Cities for Successful Aging, the first-of-its-kind index that measures and ranks U.S. metropolitan areas based on their performance in promoting and enabling successful aging. (more…)

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New Alzheimer’s Research Could Save Billions

alzheimer's_researchPutting the emphasis on medical research and advancements that delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease could save hundreds of billions of dollars in annual treatment costs in the decades ahead, according to a study from the University of Southern California. (more…)

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Making Assisted Living More Homey

assisted_homeySome seniors may be reluctant to transition to assisted living because they don’t want to give up the personal touches that turned their previous residence into a home. The good news is: They don’t have to. (more…)

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Six Habits to Improve Your Brain Health

brain_healthAmericans fear Alzheimer’s disease more than any other major life-threatening condition, including cancer and heart disease, according to a 2012 survey conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion on behalf of Home Instead Senior Care. While Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have a hereditary component, research shows that maintaining brain-healthy habits can have a positive impact in forestalling the onset of cognitive decline. …Read more ›

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Pets Bring Joy, Purpose to Seniors

pets_and_seniorsPets are often a bright spot in the lives of seniors who otherwise might be bored or lonely. Having a lovable dog or cat in their lives can bring companionship and a sense of purpose to older adults whose children and grandchildren are now grown. (more…)

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