#ElderCareChat 1/17/18 Recap: Rightsizing for Senior Living

#ElderCareChat recap -

#ElderCareChat recap - OurParents.comWe were pleased to welcome Caring Transitions, a Cincinnati-based senior relocation, estate sale, and liquidation company, specializing in organizing, packing, de-cluttering, moving and resettling, as our expert panelist for our most recent #ElderCareChat. Caring Transitions’ President Chris Seman engaged participants in an informative Twitter conversation on the steps involved in the rightsizing process to ensure a smooth transition for an …Read more ›

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Top Trends in Senior Living 2018

Top 2018 Trends in Senior Living

Top 2018 Trends in Senior LivingSenior living today is not the same as it was just a few years ago. Thanks to an ever-expanding market driven by an aging population, there are more options available than ever before. With advancements in technology and a more discerning clientele, senior living is becoming more sophisticated and has become more customized to individual lifestyle preferences. …Read more ›

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Make the Most of Senior Living: Guidelines for Visitors

Make the Most of Senior Living_

Make the Most of Senior Living_When your parent moves into senior living, you may have some questions about how best to handle your visit. How often should you visit? How long should the visit be? Is there a limit to how many people should visit at one time? What are some good things to do during the course of a visit? What are some things you …Read more ›

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Join the January 17, 2018 #ElderCareChat: How to Rightsize for Senior Living

#ElderCareChat recap -

Each month, join #ElderCareChat, a real-time forum for sharing experiences and expertise in eldercare! Follow @OurParents and @ElderCareChat on Twitter to contribute to the conversation.

The next #ElderCareChat will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, from 1-2 pm ET, with guest panelist Chris Seman, president of Caring Transitions, a Cincinnati-based senior relocation, estate sale, and liquidation company, specializing in organizing, packing, de-cluttering, …Read more ›

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Milestone Event Coming Up in 2018? Here’s How to Celebrate

How to Celebrate a Milestone Event

How to Celebrate a Milestone EventIs your parent or grandparent celebrating a milestone birthday in 2018? Perhaps Mom will be turning 90 years old. Or Grandpa will hit the rarefied air of a 100th birthday celebration. If Mom and Dad are still going strong, this might be the year they’ll reach their 70th or 75th wedding anniversary. If your friends and family are looking forward to …Read more ›

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Parent in Debt? What Do You Do?

are you parents in debt? what to do

are you parents in debt? what to doAs you contemplate your parents’ need for assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, or in-home care, you may be worried to discover that they have more debt than you realized.

What if they have a mortgage or home equity loan with a substantial balance? Or a car loan that they’ve been struggling to pay off? Or a credit card that is …Read more ›

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The Benefits of Virtual Pets for Seniors

The benefits of virtual pets

The benefits of virtual petsMany seniors love their pets for the companionship and comfort they provide. For those who live alone, having a dog or a cat is a way to stave off loneliness. And for those in a senior living environment, it’s a way to have a loving presence with them in their personal space. However, thanks to technological solutions, the pet …Read more ›

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Guide to Navigating Holiday Stress

how to navigate holiday stress

how to navigate holiday stressYou may be already dealing with stress as you juggle caring for your parent with family responsibilities and holding down a job. Now that the holidays are here, the extra stress may just put you over the edge. It’s important that you, as a caregiver, take care of yourself during this busy time of year.

Here are …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 11/15/17 Recap: Support for Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers

#ElderCareChat recap -

Jed-Levine-CaringKindNYCWe were pleased to welcome Jed A. Levine, executive vice president and director of programs at CaringKind, the Heart of Alzheimer’s Caregiving (formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Association-NYC Chapter), as our expert panelist for our most recent #ElderCareChat. Mr. Levine engaged participants in a thought-provoking Twitter conversation on why it is so vital that family members have support when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. …Read more ›

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When It’s Not Dementia

When It's Not Dementia...

When It's Not Dementia...Family members are understandably concerned when their aging parent begins experiencing memory loss or confusion. Their first thought may be that their parent has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. However, there are several physical conditions that could be associated with those symptoms, including thyroid disease, nutritional deficiencies, adverse reactions to medications, depression—even a brain tumor. …Read more ›

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