How to Make Long-Distance Caregiving Work

shutterstock_447607882Family caregiving offers enough challenges when you and your aging parent live in the same city. When your parent lives far away, the separation makes it even more difficult. Despite the distance, you can remain involved in your parent’s caregiving with these six suggestions for effectively maintaining an active role. (more…)

Helping a Childless Elderly Relative

shutterstock_410997181Many seniors rely on their adult children for help with caregiving and care decisions, but what about the aunt, uncle, or older sibling who has no children? (more…)

Physical Fitness in Senior Living

shutterstock_185901305Physical fitness plays an essential role in the long and healthy lives of seniors. Those who reside in senior living communities should take advantage of the various physical fitness activities and opportunities available to them. (more…)

Connecting Senior Living Residents to the Local Community

shutterstock_257431405Some may think of senior living communities as islands unto themselves, separated from the world around them. However, there are countless ways that senior living communities keep residents connected to what is happening outside its walls and beyond its grounds. (more…)

Giving Assisted Living a Trial Run

shutterstock_222565729Many families grapple with the decision to choose Assisted Living, and they retain several misgivings even after doing the necessary research on a care provider. Some questions you simply cannot answer until your loved one actually lives in the community. Will your parent like the new living conditions and fit in well with the other residents? Will he or she like the food, the surroundings, the activities, …Read more ›

Financial Planning for the Assisted Living Resident

shutterstock_314438072Many seniors sell their home when they transition to Assisted Living and use part of the equity for move-in costs and other initial expenses. However, this regularly means a leftover sum from the home sale and uncertainty regarding the most effective way to manage the money. With proper planning, seniors can make these residual funds last for many years to come.  …Read more ›

Two Parents, Two Different Senior Living Options

shutterstock_105053264No one likes convincing a parent that the time has come to consider senior living. When you have to contend with two parents who need senior care at the same time, the process becomes even more complicated. What happens if both of your parents have a different set of needs? What do you do if those needs are not compatible or possibly even opposed to each other? With …Read more ›

Preparing for a New Relationship with Your Parent

shutterstock_100664785Each family member will struggle with an Assisted Living transition in their own way. For seniors making the move, giving up their previous home, familiar routines, and some aspect of their independence commonly elicits an emotional response. Family members, especially full-time caregivers, may experience some emotional upheaval as well, as they, too, must adjust to a new routine and may find themselves relating to their parent …Read more ›

Assisted Living Essentials: Counseling & Mental Health Services

shutterstock_128805475For some residents, the adjustment to an Assisted Living community can cause anxiety, a sense of loss, and even depression. Even for those who love the new friends and access to new activities in a senior community, some mental or emotional problems may emerge as a result of declining health. Access to counseling and other mental health services is integral to addressing and overcoming these issues regardless …Read more ›

Six Ways to Make Senior Living More Affordable

shutterstock_262076303 (1)With Assisted Living costs averaging around $43,000 annually—and the priciest locales (such as Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and Connecticut) more than doubling that figure—many families search for ways to lower their senior living expenditures. (more…)

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