Strengthening Bonds: Adult Grandchildren Caring for Grandparents

shutterstock_264595055The U.S. Census Bureau reports the number of people reaching ninety has nearly tripled over the past three decades. As the aging population increases longevity, more opportunities abound for adult grandchildren to participate in the care of their grandparents. In so doing, they can bring love and meaning to the grandparent-grandchild relationship and instill memories they will carry forever. …Read more ›

How to Find Care Options That Fit Your Parent’s Personality

shutterstock_282010337Not all people are the same, and those varying personalities populate senior living homes. Keep these differences in mind when helping your parent select a senior care option. Someone who is extroverted and gregarious may be happier with one type of senior living experience, while someone who is introverted and reserved will prefer a different one. Someone who enjoys books and cerebral discussions may prefer a peaceful …Read more ›

Planning a Day Back Home

shutterstock_401698972Though your parent lives in a Memory Care community, you may want to bring them to your home for a visit, a holiday, or some other family gathering. For many Assisted Living residents, this presents a fairly straightforward trip to pick them up and bring them home. However, for those living with memory impairments, the trip can cause confusion, anxiety, and even agitation. Your parent’s short-term visit …Read more ›

You Can’t Overprepare for a Move to Senior Living

shutterstock_369093563Preparation is everything when it comes to planning for a parent’s move to senior living, whether into Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing. (more…)

Trigger Words and Phrases to Avoid When Discussing Senior Living Options

shutterstock_305975612When discussing senior living options with your parent, you’ll have plenty of ground to cover. However, your method of approaching the topics can affect the outcome. For instance, certain words, phrases, and topics have the potential to upset your parent, trigger a conflict, or even get construed as disrespectful. (more…)

Seeking Help for Your Aging Parent: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

shutterstock_129923204The indication that your parent needs the support of a senior community often comes from a build up of little things. You see a bruise on your mother’s arm, which she brushes off with a shrug and a two-word explanation: “I fell.” Or maybe you notice your father has worn the same clothes over and over again without proper laundering. Maybe your parent’s health and hygiene are …Read more ›

Middle-Class Solutions for Senior Living Costs

shutterstock_317891591Middle-class families often find themselves in a unique position regarding senior living costs; they make too much money to afford financial assistance for long-term care, but sometimes too little to afford their preferred senior living choice. (more…)

When Your Parent Won’t Accept Help

shutterstock_436097281Many adult children of aging parents face a dilemma. Their parents need help due to physical or cognitive decline, but after years of independence and self-sufficiency, those parents resist assistance. “I’ve been living on my own for all these years,” they might say. “And there’s no way I’m going to accept help now.”

If you face this situation, you yourself may need to reach out for help. You …Read more ›

Study Shows Long-Term Care Insurance Relieves Stress

shutterstock_2636655A majority of Americans share a common worry: how to pay for long-term care if the need arises. A Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll verifies this concern, with more than two-thirds of respondents saying they are “anxious and uncertain” about how they’ll pay for a senior community or home care costs should they need them in the future. …Read more ›

Challenges of the Young Caregiver

shutterstock_370595594Providing care for an elderly parent is challenging at any age, but for young caregivers—those in their twenties or thirties—the challenges are especially acute.  (more…)

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