Understanding Senior-Friendly Attire

shutterstock_193629749When it comes to senior fashion, functionality takes precedence over style. Unlike young adults, seniors have a tougher time regulating a consistent body temperature of 98.6°F. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at retaining heat, leading to lower average temperatures the older we get. Thick, knitted sweaters on a breezy afternoon or paper-thin t-shirts during the summertime lower the chances of complications related to …Read more ›

How to Support with a Senior Loved One Suffering from Food Insecurity

shutterstock_127409051Food insecurity has become a growing concern in America with 15.8 million households affected in 2015. Factors such as poverty, unemployment, and limited access to grocery stores all contribute to the growing issue of food insecurity, a state in which a family has limited access to affordable and healthy food and suffers from prolonged hunger. Seniors are among the millions of Americans affected by this …Read more ›

Life Satisfaction at Senior Living Communities vs. Home Care

shutterstock_447859339No matter how much we pamper our loved ones, shower them with attention, and splurge on expensive care options, their health and happiness ultimately determine the effectiveness of their care. (more…)

How to Talk to a Loved One about Drug Dependency

shutterstock_291363302When we talk about drug abuse, we often center the discussion on illegal drugs and young adults. However, licit drug use (legal drugs such as opioids and stimulants) among the elderly is not only a major problem but a problem expected to increase over the coming years. (more…)

The Lasting Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

shutterstock_451079968More important than the finished products, the process of creating art helps us to express unresolved emotions and relieve accumulated stress. For some seniors, art can play an integral role in addressing mental and physical health. The benefits of art therapy range from a decrease in anxiety and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to an increase in brain stimulation among dementia patients.

Unfortunately, not …Read more ›

How to Talk to a Loved One with Unhealthy Weight Gain or Loss

shutterstock_147927137Rapid weight loss or weight gain among seniors may indicate more serious health conditions. Sudden weight loss or gain may occur for a variety of reasons. Seniors suffering from unhealthy weight fluctuations may experience symptoms such as hindered physical mobility, and these fluctuations “ associated with increased morbidity and mortality,” according to a study published by the American Academy of Family Physicians. It is crucial, …Read more ›

A Simple Guide to Helping Senior Veterans with the A&A Program

shutterstock_385515673The United States has long provided its veterans with the necessary tools to live happier, more comfortable lives. Programs such as the G.I. Bill finance college tuition while others assist with healthcare or homeownership. Senior veterans may even rely on programs to maintain a consistent quality of life. Unfortunately, many aging vets do not know about the VA’s comprehensive Aid and Attendance and Housebound Improved Pension (A&A) …Read more ›

Using Your Social Security Benefits to Assist with Senior Living Costs

shutterstock_349776407Most seniors over the age of sixty-five rely on Social Security as a significant source of income. According to the Social Security Administration, “Social Security benefits represent about 39 percent of the income of the elderly.” As many aging Americans approach retirement and begin to plan for eventual senior living arrangements, they may have questions about Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as well …Read more ›

Moving While Disabled: Moving Tips for Disabled Senior Residents

shutterstock_354001280The process of moving to a new apartment can place tremendous stress on your body. Constant lifting, bending, and reaching can strain your joints and worsen an existing ailment. Residents with disabilities or mobility issues should always seek the help of friends and family or hire professional movers. What you pay for in packing and moving fees will eventually pay for itself when you walk into your …Read more ›

What to Do When Your Loved One Has a Food Allergy

shutterstock_428777626As we age, our immune systems lose their edge, making us more susceptible to illnesses and reducing our ability to combat allergies. For some, these allergic reactions can result in itchy skin and a runny nose; for others, one bite of a single peanut can send them into anaphylactic shock, a situation with life or death consequences. …Read more ›

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