Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Seniors with Dementia

shutterstock_239451376When a loved one lives with dementia, many families choose a senior community to provide assistance with changing care needs. And those needs aren’t limited to the physical and emotional side; seniors with dementia have spiritual needs as well. How can families provide spiritual support for their loved one after a move to Memory Care? Reverend Colette Bachand-Wood, author of Do This, Remembering Me: The …Read more ›

Should You Hire an Elder Mediator?

shutterstock_98488145When the conversation turns to senior living, many families have trouble seeing eye to eye. If your family cannot reach a mutually agreeable solution, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn. In these situations, an elder mediator—a trained, impartial third party—can help. (more…)

Helping a Loved One with Hoarding Disorder Move to Senior Living

shutterstock_87052121Planning a senior living move is challenging enough when your loved one has limited possessions. When your loved one has hoarding disorder, the hurdles can seem insurmountable. (more…)

Looking for Love in Senior Living

shutterstock_361632494You’re never too old for love—not according to the Hebrew Home at Riverdale by RiverSpring Health. The Bronx, New York, Skilled Nursing home offers happy hour, prom, and even a dating service called “G-Date” (“Grandparent Date”) to encourage seniors to enjoy one another’s company. (more…)

Is It Too Soon for Memory Care?

shutterstock_170444147As your loved one develops symptoms of memory loss, you will likely research Assisted Living and Memory Care communities to prepare for the future. However, you may also feel reluctant to move your parent or spouse to a community where the other residents suffer from much more severe cognitive decline. When is a move to Memory Care proactive, and when is it jumping the gun? …Read more ›

Engaging Your Loved One in Memory Care

shutterstock_341591546Though your loved one has moved to Memory Care, they still need the love and support of their family. Consider these strategies for communicating and connecting at various stages of dementia—from writing notes and addressing your loved one by name to focusing on nonverbal cues and simplifying activities to the sensory level. (more…)

Ending Elder Isolation through Makeovers?

shutterstock_66447445Many senior living communities provide on-site beauty services, so seniors can continue to look and feel their best. Some communities are fortunate enough to enjoy the services of GlamourGals, a nonprofit organization that inspires and equips teen volunteers across the country to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary makeovers to women living in senior homes. (more…)

Searching for Senior Living? Avoid These Common Mistakes

shutterstock_89640421We like to think of ourselves as savvy consumers, but many people feel lost when it comes to the senior living search. If uncertainty plagues your decision-making process regarding senior care, you may want to consider guidance from an expert. Senior Living Advisors (SLA)—whose services are 100 percent free—can help you avoid costly errors in the senior living search. Take a look at five of the most …Read more ›

When Your Parent Blames You for Assisted Living

shutterstock_300061223Just because your parent needs Assisted Living, that doesn’t mean they have to like it. They may feel saddened by the loss of independence and angry at you because of it. What can you do when your parent blames you for the move? Clinical psychologist Ann Pearman, Ph.D., offers her insights on navigating complicated family relationships after a move to senior living. …Read more ›

The Power of Language in Aging

shutterstock_11366608When families discuss their loved ones’ health and need for senior care, the words they use hold tremendous weight. Adverse terminology like “disabled,” “incompetent,” and even “suffer” create fear, isolation, and an inability to see seniors for what they can still do, says Stephanie Erickson, a family caregiving expert and host of the Caregivers’ Circle radio program. …Read more ›

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