Taking an Assisted Living Test Drive

shutterstock_423588148You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, so why sign up for senior living sight unseen? Fortunately, communities such as Grand Villa in Florida, Parkwood Heights in New York, and Allerton House in Massachusetts, offer test drive programs that allow seniors to rent an apartment for a short-term stay—no long-term commitment required. …Read more ›

When Temperament Indicates a Senior Living Transition

shutterstock_404537383You may already understand some of the universal indicators that a loved one requires Assisted Living, such as needing support with activities of daily living. However, these warning signs can vary widely by individual temperament as well. (more…)

2016 Trends in Senior Living Costs

shutterstock_353531531The costs of long-term care are rising, but did you know that the cost of Assisted Living is growing more slowly than for other types of care? (more…)

What to Do When Your Parents Don’t Want to Live with You

shutterstock_237061231Once it becomes clear that your parents can no longer live independently, you may want to invite them to live with you. However, they may prefer to move to an Assisted Living community. How can you get past your hurt feelings and understand your parents’ perspective? (more…)

Moving through the Continuum of Care

shutterstock_245553955When your loved one successfully transitions to a senior living community, you may breathe a sigh of relief, but they won’t likely be able to stay in the same community indefinitely. How do you know when you need to transition to the next level of care? (more…)

When Senior Living Separates Your Parents

shutterstock_299057864 Your parents planned to grow old together, but differing care needs have forced them to live apart. One parent moving to a senior living community without his or her spouse involves a difficult transition for both partners.

How can couples maintain their relationship and health when senior living separates them, and how can their children support them in this new phase of life? Here, we offer a …Read more ›

Can Memory Care Save You Money?

shutterstock_283194713 In its most recent statistical resource, the Alzheimer’s Association has revealed the costs of caregiving, highlighting the financial strain on families.  (more…)

When Words Fail: How to Communicate with a Loved One Who Has Dementia

shutterstock_131122493Families have enough difficulty discussing senior living when their loved one’s memory is intact, but what happens when the loved one has dementia? Among other things, dementia impairs the ability to process and produce words, leading to confusion, anxiety, and even depression. (more…)

Preparing for Dementia

shutterstock_170444144 When Emily Caldwell first mentioned Assisted Living to her mother, Bonnie Caldwell, Bonnie resisted the idea. Bonnie had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease nearly two years prior, but she continued to live in her own apartment and drive occasionally. (more…)

Managing Caregiver Grief after a Move to Assisted Living

shutterstock_323823368After growing accustomed to caring for an aging parent, you may experience feelings of grief and loss when they finally make the move to Assisted Living. Even if your parent is healthy, the move can trigger the kind of grief you once thought reserved for the dying process because this major change requires caregivers to adjust to a completely new way of life. …Read more ›

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