Caregiver Burnout: Recognizing When You Need Help

shutterstock_252703090Taking care of a loved one is not an easy task. Caregiving burdens individuals physically and emotionally so much so that, without relief, it will result in caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion accompanied by positive or negative fluctuations in attitude. Caregiver burnout can lead to a deterioration of your health, the deterioration of your loved one’s health, and …Read more ›

Pros and Cons of Having an Assisted Living Roommate

shutterstock_132295124When most people think of having a roommate, they imagine young college kids sleeping in bunk beds in a tiny dorm room. Many people believe one can be “too old” to live with roommates. However, many seniors choose to live in house-sharing environments to save costs and gain companionship along with many other benefits. …Read more ›

The Four Different Types of Dementia You Should Know

shutterstock_262437695As your parent ages, you may notice a change in behavior, memory, and motor skills. While a decline in cognition (or thinking ability) occurs naturally as a part of aging, you should still monitor your loved one for the warning signs of dementia. With dementia, the cognitive decline will exceed the amount due to the normal aging process. According to the World Health Organization, dementia …Read more ›

Celebrating Holidays in Senior Living

shutterstock_219846589For many seniors, the holidays present the best opportunity to interact with family and friends whom they may not get to see regularly. However, living in a senior community apart from immediate family can lead many seniors to feel lonely and isolated during the holiday season, which can impose serious health risks. (more…)

Five Questions to Remember When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_410401945Many people would describe finding the perfect Assisted Living community for a loved one as a nerve-racking experience, at best. Yet, you can disarm some of the inherent stress of the process by asking yourself a few important questions as you tour potential providers.  (more…)

Caring for Seniors with Hearing Impairments

shutterstock_326820860Hearing loss affects nearly one in four seniors aged sixty-five to seventy-four, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. For seniors seventy-five and older, the rate doubles to 50 percent. Though many consider hearing complications a normal part of aging, that doesn’t mean that seniors lack options. After diagnosing hearing loss, seniors and their families can take steps to treat the …Read more ›

Seven Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

shutterstock_275195612If you live an hour or more away from your elderly loved one in Assisted Living care, think of yourself as a “long-distance caregiver.” According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, approximately 15 percent of the 34 million caregivers in the United States fall into this category. (more…)

The Importance of Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

shutterstock_249309910The food choices your loved one makes each day affects their overall health. Certain eating habits may even indicate that it’s time to consider Assisted Living. This article explores various signs of an unhealthy diet, along with the nutrition plans offered by several senior living communities. (more…)

Preparing for Life in an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_177734438When declining health or an increasing need for assistance makes it too difficult for a senior citizen to live alone or with family, many people choose an Assisted Living community as the best place for their loved one. Making this move is often stressful for the senior, especially if they have been independent for most of their life. The following steps can help to smooth the transition. …Read more ›

Four Tips for Decorating Your Parent’s Assisted Living Home

shutterstock_286338008Moving into a senior living community presents a stressful lifestyle change for those who’ve lived in the same home for many years. The old home has memories and a particular comfort in which you or your loved one have grown accustomed. In contrast, a new home may feel foreign and uncomfortable, making the transition to a senior living community more difficult. …Read more ›

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