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Asking for help is the first step toward determining the right solution for your aging parent. Senior Living Advisors can help with the difficult decision of moving your parents into a senior living community, and they can help facilitate the steps required. OurParents Senior Living Advisors know how you feel. They have shared your experiences and they understand the role of the senior care professional. Their services are free of charge to you, and they are always just a call away.

What to Do When Your Senior Loved One Refuses to Eat

when your senior loved one refuses to eat

when your senior loved one refuses to eatIt can be one of the most frustrating times of your day: mealtime with an aging parent. You might be experiencing this frustration firsthand or hearing reports from your parent’s assisted living community. Maybe Mom is just not eating or complains excessively about the food. Perhaps Dad is causing a disruption in the dining room or doesn’t even want to …Read more ›

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How Do Cultural Differences Influence Care Decisions?

How Do Cultural Differences Influence Care Decisions?

How Do Cultural Differences Influence Care Decisions?Conventional wisdom says women are more likely to ask for help than men. Can similar distinctions be made according to race and culture—particularly in the Hispanic community?

We connected with Dr. Yanira Cruz, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Council on Aging (NHCOA), to learn how cultural differences affect the way families ask for help and make senior care …Read more ›

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How Assisted Living Addresses the Challenges of the Disabled

shutterstock_14222041In an Assisted Living environment, older adults get the support they need with the activities of daily living (ADLs). As a result, they can spend their days enjoying activities and interactions with others, rather than becoming frustrated by their physical limitations. For disabled individuals, the ways in which Assisted Living can improve an individual’s quality of life comes even more sharply into focus. …Read more ›

What to Do When Your Male Loved One Refuses Help

shutterstock_137226314Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit, multispecialty, academic medical center dedicated to research and education, recently launched an educational campaign called “MENtion It.” As part of this campaign, they conducted a national survey, which found that a majority of men do not discuss their health with their loved ones and do not get annual checkups to discuss health concerns with their primary care physicians.

The “MENtion …Read more ›

How a Senior Living Advisor Helped Our Family

shutterstock_458728948After my grandfather died in 2011, my sixty-year-old, diabetic uncle moved in with my eighty-year-old grandmother. Neither of them was in the best health. They could hardly care for themselves, let alone care for one another. However, having my uncle around at least meant that my grandmother didn’t have to drive as much. Her driving had steadily become worse and she had plenty of dents in her …Read more ›

Finding the Best Community for a Loved One with Limited Mobility

shutterstock_297181901Seniors with limited mobility struggle with maneuvering safely through their homes. In addition to creating a safety hazard for your loved one, limited mobility can lead to elderly depression. The Finnish Centre for Interdisciplinary Gerontology found that 34 percent of those with limited mobility expressed moods and behaviors associated with depression, including resentment, guilt, social isolation, reduced or no activity, poor health, and fatigue. However, …Read more ›

Seeking Help for Your Aging Parent: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

shutterstock_129923204The indication that your parent needs the support of a senior community often comes from a build up of little things. You see a bruise on your mother’s arm, which she brushes off with a shrug and a two-word explanation: “I fell.” Or maybe you notice your father has worn the same clothes over and over again without proper laundering. Maybe your parent’s health and hygiene are …Read more ›

Searching for Senior Living? Avoid These Common Mistakes

shutterstock_89640421We like to think of ourselves as savvy consumers, but many people feel lost when it comes to the senior living search. If uncertainty plagues your decision-making process regarding senior care, you may want to consider guidance from an expert. Senior Living Advisors (SLA)—whose services are 100 percent free—can help you avoid costly errors in the senior living search. Take a look at five of the most …Read more ›

When Your Parent Won’t Accept Help

shutterstock_436097281Many adult children of aging parents face a dilemma. Their parents need help due to physical or cognitive decline, but after years of independence and self-sufficiency, those parents resist assistance. “I’ve been living on my own for all these years,” they might say. “And there’s no way I’m going to accept help now.”

If you face this situation, you yourself may need to reach out for help. You …Read more ›

Relocating a Loved One to Skilled Nursing

shutterstock_373694485As parents or loved ones age, their health and physical abilities may deteriorate. For those with progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, this makes care increasingly difficult as time passes. Transitioning your parent to a Skilled Nursing community will result in additional one-on-one care. This option helps meet the specific needs of more advanced conditions, including care and/or rehabilitation for those who need Parkinson’s care, …Read more ›

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