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Asking for help is the first step toward determining the right solution for your aging parent. Senior Living Advisors can help with the difficult decision of moving your parents into a senior living community, and they can help facilitate the steps required. OurParents Senior Living Advisors know how you feel. They have shared your experiences and they understand the role of the senior care professional. Their services are free of charge to you, and they are always just a call away.

What to Do When You Can’t Afford Assisted Living

shutterstock_121893277Many families find the cost of an Assisted Living community the most worrisome part of a senior care transition. However, a limited monthly income doesn’t mean that your family needs to rule out an Assisted Living community for a loved one. Here are several options that may help with your budget. (more…)

Eight Helpful Books to Read When Transitioning to Senior Living

shutterstock_212320537With the right assistance, transitioning an aging parent or loved one to a senior living community can be a positive and rewarding process. The following books discuss the logistics of finding the right community, making good decisions, and acclimating to a new lifestyle.  (more…)

Lifestyle Changes You Can Expect When Transitioning to Senior Living

shutterstock_127260230 (1)The first few weeks at a senior living community can present a variety of hurdles for seniors and their family members.

The transition to senior living signals a major stepping stone in life and a push toward better healthcare and wellness. For many seniors, the decision to move into a senior living community comes as a result of a major illness, injury, or complications with their living …Read more ›

Assisted Living Essentials: Counseling & Mental Health Services

shutterstock_128805475For some residents, the adjustment to an Assisted Living community can cause anxiety, a sense of loss, and even depression. Even for those who love the new friends and access to new activities in a senior community, some mental or emotional problems may emerge as a result of declining health. Access to counseling and other mental health services is integral to addressing and overcoming these issues regardless …Read more ›

What to Expect When Moving to an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_326878505Moving your loved one to an Assisted Living community may seem overwhelming. There are so many tasks to finish before the big move. If your loved one resists the change, it can make the process even more difficult. The following suggestions and tips will help you understand the moving process and make the transition easier. …Read more ›

Agencies That Can Lend a Hand: Resources for Family Caregivers

shutterstock_55220437Family caregivers often take on more than they can handle while trying to care for a loved one. To avoid the overwhelming challenges and strains of caregiving, caregivers should take advantage of the available resources that can lend a helping hand. (more…)

How to Seek Care for a Loved One with Cancer

shutterstock_326921054A cancer diagnosis takes its toll on a family. How you respond, the treatment you seek, and the advice you take can affect not only the quality of life of your loved one, but also the lives of those whom you love. For the elderly, this can be especially difficult if they wish to live on their own. …Read more ›

Assisted Living Resources for Those with Medicaid Benefits

shutterstock_318779285The most pressing questions most families have about Assisted Living center around the costs and how to afford long-term care for their loved one. Medicaid is a federal program administered by each individual state to help low-income families cover medical expenses. Many families don’t realize that Medicaid covers some of the costs of Assisted Living, though the benefits vary by state. Here’s a breakdown of the Medicaid …Read more ›

Time Management for the Overcommitted Caregiver

shutterstock_39882547The old axiom that “there aren’t enough hours in the day” describes the dilemma facing many of today’s family caregivers. All too often, these dedicated individuals scramble to meet care obligations for their aging parents, while trying to hold down a job, raise their children, make dinner, run errands, manage a household, and maintain some semblance of a social life. …Read more ›

What to Expect in Your Search for an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_328923644After her husband died in 2010, Craig Feldman’s eighty-two-year-old mother, Sorelei, sold her home and moved into an independent senior apartment.  She thrived there for five years until it became apparent that she could no longer care for herself. “We noticed that Sorelei started falling more often and was not taking her medications correctly,” says Craig. “We knew it was time to move her somewhere that offered …Read more ›

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