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What are the differences between senior living communities? What unique care services are available to your parents? There are many options to review, from Senior Independent Living to Assisted Living or Memory Care. Each community offers different features that will be appealing to your parents, including dining, social activities, and fitness programs.

A Sensory Guide to Senior Living

A Sensory Guide to Senior Living

A Sensory Guide to Senior LivingWhen trying to determine which senior community is right for your loved one, why not let your senses be your guide?


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Giving Thanks for Senior Living

Giving thanks for senior living

Giving thanks for senior livingCounting your blessings is a healthy practice, and the Thanksgiving season is a perfect time to cultivate gratitude. This year, why not include senior living on your list of things to be thankful for?


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Family Caregivers: Coping With Transition

Family caregivers: Coping with transition

Family caregivers: Coping with transitionThe transition from home to senior living can be difficult for an aging parent. But what about family caregivers? They have to adapt to the new situation as well. Relinquishing the day-to-day caregiving of a parent to an assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing staff is easier said than done. Many family caregivers  find themselves grappling with feelings …Read more ›

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What’s the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community?

What's the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community

Independent livingWhat's the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, continuing care retirement community (CCRC), life plan community… navigating the landscape of the various types of senior living communities can be …Read more ›

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Advice for Older Family Caregivers

Advice for Older Caregivers

Advice for Older CaregiversWhen people reach their retirement years, they likely have visions of doing the things they never had time for before. Perhaps they want to travel, play more golf, volunteer for their favorite charity, or spend time enjoying their grandchildren. By the time they reach Social Security eligibility, most people are probably not expecting to be fulfilling a caregiving role for an elderly parent—and yet …Read more ›

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What Happens After Rehab?

What happens after rehab

What happens after rehabYour parent has spent several days or weeks in a rehabilitation facility after an illness or an injury. Now that the rehab period is ending, what happens next? If your parent is returning home, what kind of in-home care and lifestyle adjustments will be required? Is it advisable for your parent to return home? Would it be better to consider an independent retirement community, …Read more ›

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Your Senior Living Search: Finding the Right Cultural Fit

Finding the right cultural fit for your senior living search

Finding the right cultural fit for your senior living searchCaring staff, homey atmosphere, and good food are critical factors in the senior living search, but there’s another element that’s not as easily defined—and it can make a tremendous difference in your level of contentment. That factor is cultural fit. In essence, you must find a senior living community where you fit in …Read more ›

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What To Do If Your Loved One Is Resistant to Respite Care 

What to do if your loved on is resistant to respite care

What to do if your loved on is resistant to respite careEven the most dedicated family caregivers may need a break—whether it’s just to have a few days to themselves or to take an actual vacation. Respite care is a solution that can give that much-needed break to a caregiver, but what if your family member is resistant to the idea of outside care even …Read more ›

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What to Look for in a Nursing Home

What to look for in a nursing home

What to look for in a nursing homeAfter careful consideration, your family has reached the decision that a skilled nursing facility is the best care option for your aging parent. Now that you’ve made that decision, you have another important decision to make: how to find the best nursing home to suit your parent’s needs. …Read more ›

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When Mom and Dad Need Memory Care

When Mom and Dad Need Memory Care

When Mom and Dad Need Memory CareIt’s hard to see someone you love suffering from a decline in memory and cognition—and it’s particularly painful when it happens to your own parents. Fortunately, memory care communities offer specialized treatment that enables seniors with dementia to experience the greatest quality of life for as long as possible.

…Read more ›

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