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What are the differences between senior living communities? What unique care services are available to your parents? There are many options to review, from Senior Independent Living to Assisted Living or Memory Care. Each community offers different features that will be appealing to your parents, including dining, social activities, and fitness programs.

Festive Fall Activities for Senior Living Communities

shutterstock_181046156Reminiscent of cooler days, seasonal hues, pumpkins, and football, the fall months offer plenty of festive activities for older adults in senior living communities. Below are a few festive ideas to help seniors stay mentally engaged and physically active while getting into the spirit of the season. (more…)

Using Nostalgic Items in Memory Care Communities

shutterstock_221241151Reminiscence therapy uses familiar items from the past to enhance the well-being of those suffering from memory loss related to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. This type of treatment alleviates symptoms of depression and agitation, reasserts self-worth and sense of belonging, and increases communication. Taking into account the theory behind reminiscence therapy, a recent trend in the design of Memory Care communities involves utilizing …Read more ›

Ending Elder Isolation through Makeovers?

shutterstock_66447445Many senior living communities provide on-site beauty services, so seniors can continue to look and feel their best. Some communities are fortunate enough to enjoy the services of GlamourGals, a nonprofit organization that inspires and equips teen volunteers across the country to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary makeovers to women living in senior homes. (more…)

What to Do When Your Loved One Has a Food Allergy

shutterstock_428777626As we age, our immune systems lose their edge, making us more susceptible to illnesses and reducing our ability to combat allergies. For some, these allergic reactions can result in itchy skin and a runny nose; for others, one bite of a single peanut can send them into anaphylactic shock, a situation with life or death consequences. …Read more ›

How to Stay Young

shutterstock_70931032An extremely eye-catching title! Why? Because it touches upon a question that people have tried to answer for millennia. The centuries continue to pass as scientists, explorers, doctors, and entrepreneurs search for the miracle of how to stay young. Let’s talk about the search for eternal youth! (more…)

Who Should Manage Medication?

shutterstock_423588121Taking medication as prescribed is vital to managing illnesses and maintaining good health. However, aging parents and loved ones may fail to properly administer medication for a number of reasons, including forgetfulness and neglect, leading to more health complications with potentially lethal side effects. Take a look into medication management services, and see how these services can benefit your parent or loved one. …Read more ›

Taking Care to the Next Level with Luxury Senior Living

shutterstock_155613707Senior Living communities continue to struggle with an image problem as many people continue to view older adult living communities as somber and somewhat depressing. In response, many senior living brands have revamped their image to appeal to the segment of baby boomers who want more from life after they retire. These days, affluent seniors can choose to live in swanky settings complete with five-star dining options, …Read more ›

8 Questions You Never Thought to Ask about Senior Living

shutterstock_77298424As you research senior communities, you’ve no doubt considered location, costs, and level of care. But some other key features may have escaped your attention. Here, we highlight lesser-known issues to ask about before choosing a senior living community. (more…)

Levels of Care: The Various Types of Senior Living Communities

shutterstock_136759886According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 70 percent of Americans who reach the age of sixty-five will need some form of long-term care for an average of three years. The decision to move your loved one into an unfamiliar setting will be easier if you plan ahead and do your research. Various housing options are available to meet the requirements …Read more ›

Meal Plans vs. Cooking Meals

shutterstock_368396276Many Assisted Living communities offer a variety of meal plan services to their residents. However, some communities feature small kitchens in each apartment where residents can cook their own meals. If you’re unsure whether your parent or loved one should choose a meal plan or prepare their own meals, compare the pros and cons of each option to decide what’s best for their needs and their budget. …Read more ›

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