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What are the differences between senior living communities? What unique care services are available to your parents? There are many options to review, from Senior Independent Living to Assisted Living or Memory Care. Each community offers different features that will be appealing to your parents, including dining, social activities, and fitness programs.

Unusual, Special-Focus, and Creative Retirement Options

shutterstock_84882820As a child growing up in Texas in the 1970s, I had a lot of elderly relatives. Most lived by themselves, but some were cared for by their adult children. A few lived in retirement homes, too. Then there was Uncle Martin and Aunt Lady Lee. Martin and Lady Lee were retired, but every winter they’d pack up their RV, leave South Dakota, and explore the …Read more ›

Levels of Care: The Various Types of Senior Living Communities

shutterstock_169012214According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 70 percent of Americans who reach the age of sixty-five will need some form of long-term care for an average of three years. The decision to move your loved one into an unfamiliar setting will be easier if you plan ahead and do your research. Various housing options are available to meet the requirements …Read more ›

Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Senior

shutterstock_11330800Learning a new language is a challenging and time-consuming process. However, the health benefits of becoming bilingual are extremely rewarding. While myths surround the inability of older adults to learn a second language, research shows that no one is ever “too old” to take advantage of the benefits that bilingualism can bring. …Read more ›

Cultural Attitudes toward the Elderly and Global Overview of Care

A Zen parable:

A farmer got so old that he couldn’t work the fields anymore. He had to spend the day just sitting on the porch. His son, still working the farm, looked up from time to time to see his father sitting there. 

“He’s of no use anymore,” the son thought to himself, “He doesn’t do anything!” One day the son got so frustrated that he built a wood coffin, dragged it over to the …Read more ›

Using Hobbies to Adjust to Senior Living

The transition to a senior living community can be difficult. While time and support are the best solutions, finding a hobby or club will help with the adjustment. Here are a few ideas:  (more…)

A Healthier, More Satisfying Old Age: Integrating Preschool Children with Seniors

Care Options_2.24.2016As boys, my friends and I played football on a makeshift field that ran the length of several front yards in our neighborhood. My yard, at the end of the block, marked one end zone. The other end zone was four houses away in Roger Longo’s yard. Occasionally, an exuberant kickoff or errant toss sent the ball skittering into the grass on the other side of …Read more ›

Visiting Your Loved One in Assisted Living or a Nursing Home

visitingFamily members are often uncertain about the protocol for visiting their loved ones at an assisted living community or skilled nursing facility. They may wonder when, how long and how often should they visit, and what they should do when there. Every situation is different, but these tips and guidelines can help make the time spent visiting a loved one as pleasant and worthwhile as possible. …Read more ›

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Not All Senior Communities Are the Same

senior_livingWhen you hear the term “senior living,” what comes to mind? Do you think of carefree seniors enjoying themselves on a golf course or in a water aerobics class? Do you picture older adults playing cards or watching movies together? Do you think of a memory-impaired individual being assisted by a specially trained staff member — or a physically impaired individual receiving the care of a …Read more ›

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Is Snowbirding Right for You?


snowbirdSnowbirding is attractive for obvious reasons – most notably, getting out of the cold and into a more comfortable environment. But the decision to snowbird is not always an easy one, particularly if you have strong personal connections in your current location. So how do you choose between staying near family full-time and enjoying a better locale in your retirement?

…Read more ›

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Looking Ahead at Assisted Living in 2016

assisted_livingSenior living facilities are not what they used to be…and that’s actually a good thing. An increasing number of assisted living providers are replacing outdated notions of “an old folks’ home,” where residents passively live out their remaining years, with communities that offer more positive feelings of socialization and active engagement. (more…)

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