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Critical conversations need to be had with your parents prior to the move to a senior living community. Difficult discussions may also be required between family members who have different opinions about the best way to care for your parents. Good communication is always crucial to a successful move.

Leaving a Legacy: How It Strengthens and Preserves Family Bonds

leaving a legacy: how it strengthens and preserves family bonds

leaving a legacy: how it strengthens and preserves family bondsWhat does it mean to leave a legacy? For some, it comes down to stuff—the legacy of what you’ve accumulated over a lifetime. But personal historian Judy Shutts challenges that concept with something she deems far more valuable: a legacy of stories.

“Most people think of a legacy as material goods—a business, cars, money, or family heirlooms,” …Read more ›

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When Communication Becomes a Struggle: Living With Aphasia

Living with Aphasia

Living with AphasiaThere are few things as frustrating in life as not being able to make yourself understand. That’s unfortunately the situation with aphasia, a disorder in speech and language. Aphasia is more common in older adults because of its occurrence in conjunction with illnesses and medical conditions that happen later in life.


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Overcoming Objections to Senior Living


overcoming-objections-to-senior-livingFor many of us, senior living isn’t a consideration until it becomes a necessity. So when senior care is no longer a matter of “if” but “when,” your loved ones may have trouble getting on board with the idea.


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Technology to Improve Seniors’ Lives

Technology to imrprove seniors' lives

Technology to imrprove seniors' livesTwo concurrent trends—the shifting demographics toward an aging population and the emergence of dramatic new technologies—are converging to create an intensified focus on improving the quality of life for seniors. (more…)

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How to Add Senior Living Conversations to the Table This Holiday Season

holiday conversations about senior housing

 holiday conversations about senior housingAs families prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, they’re not just cooking food and decorating their homes—they’re scheduling time to spend together. With everyone present and accounted for, families may use some of their time to talk about senior living options. How can families ensure the experience is positive for everyone involved? (more…)

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How to Support with a Senior Loved One Suffering from Food Insecurity


shutterstock_127409051Food insecurity has become a growing concern in America with 15.8 million households affected in 2015. Factors such as poverty, unemployment, and limited access to grocery stores all contribute to the growing issue of food insecurity, a state in which a family has limited access to affordable and healthy food and suffers from prolonged hunger. Seniors are among the millions of Americans affected by this …Read more ›

Should You Hire an Elder Mediator?


shutterstock_98488145When the conversation turns to senior living, many families have trouble seeing eye to eye. If your family cannot reach a mutually agreeable solution, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn. In these situations, an elder mediator—a trained, impartial third party—can help. (more…)

How to Talk to a Loved One about Drug Dependency


shutterstock_291363302When we talk about drug abuse, we often center the discussion on illegal drugs and young adults. However, licit drug use (legal drugs such as opioids and stimulants) among the elderly is not only a major problem but a problem expected to increase over the coming years. (more…)

How to Talk to a Loved One with Unhealthy Weight Gain or Loss


shutterstock_147927137Rapid weight loss or weight gain among seniors may indicate more serious health conditions. Sudden weight loss or gain may occur for a variety of reasons. Seniors suffering from unhealthy weight fluctuations may experience symptoms such as hindered physical mobility, and these fluctuations “ associated with increased morbidity and mortality,” according to a study published by the American Academy of Family Physicians. It is crucial, …Read more ›

Trigger Words and Phrases to Avoid When Discussing Senior Living Options


shutterstock_305975612When discussing senior living options with your parent, you’ll have plenty of ground to cover. However, your method of approaching the topics can affect the outcome. For instance, certain words, phrases, and topics have the potential to upset your parent, trigger a conflict, or even get construed as disrespectful. (more…)

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