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Critical conversations need to be had with your parents prior to the move to a senior living community. Difficult discussions may also be required between family members who have different opinions about the best way to care for your parents. Good communication is always crucial to a successful move.

Scheduling Visits among Family Members and Friends

shutterstock_302842196Studies have shown that the involvement of family and friends in a loved one’s Assisted Living care can have a critical impact on their quality of life. Finding time for you, as well as other friends and family, to visit will help build and maintain relationships with your loved one and the caregiving staff, allow you to advocate for quality care and practices, and provide …Read more ›

Talking to Children about a Loved One’s Transition to Senior Living

shutterstock_148501175We often forget that the transition to a senior living community can affect other, younger members of the family as well. Throughout a senior’s transition period, their grandchildren may experience a range of emotions, including depression or stress. Children who live with or were raised by their grandparents may also experience separation anxiety. …Read more ›

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

shutterstock_70930462As your mom ages, traditional Mother’s Day gifts such as chocolates, flowers, perfume, and jewelry may no longer be appropriate due to certain limitations or health concerns, especially if she resides in an Assisted Living community. Whether you wish to purchase an item or simply give the gift of your time, these present ideas will ensure that your parent has a lovely holiday. …Read more ›

Making Peace with the Decision to Move Your Parents to Assisted Living

shutterstock_128133443Many people who’ve made the decision to move their loved ones to Assisted Living care attest to feeling a sense of guilt, doubt, and grief over the change. Most commonly, caregivers feel as if they’ve let their loved one down by moving them into an Assisted Living community. The feelings of responsibility often worsen if the loved one has difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle change or experiences …Read more ›

How to Prepare Grandchildren to Visit an Assisted Living Center

shutterstock_280357841Interactions between young people and the elderly provide positive outcomes and mutual learning experiences to both generations. Therefore, parents should create opportunities for their children to spend time with their older family members.  However, a visit to a grandparent in an Assisted Living community may prove challenging for unprepared children. Research shows that the quality of the visits between children and older loved ones is what matters …Read more ›

End-of-Life Talking Points for Families

shutterstock_308066726No one wants to talk about end-of-life issues. The very thought of broaching the subject is uncomfortable at best. The topic is difficult to face when considering the people we love. (more…)

Downsizing a Parent’s Possessions When Moving to Assisted Living

shutterstock_171496412Many seniors find it difficult to downsize their personal belongings when preparing for a move to an Assisted Living community. Sorting through and letting go of keepsakes they’ve collected over a lifetime is an incredibly overwhelming, if not debilitating, process. Sadly, the space available in a senior community rarely compares to that of their previous homes, making downsizing a necessary step. …Read more ›

How to Determine Family Responsibilities

shutterstock_248849485Assisted Living offers seniors an excellent alternative to living alone; however, the move comes with certain responsibilities. The financial, physical, and emotional demands come part and parcel with caring for an elderly loved one. These demands often spawn family conflicts. Dividing responsibilities and communicating effectively can help you and your family to avoid stressful disagreements. (more…)

The Best Way to Discuss Assisted Living with Your Loved One

Talking to loved ones about Assisted Living is an emotional conversation. This blog will provide tips on the best approaches to the discussion as you plan for your loved one’s future. (more…)

Technologies That Streamline Communication with Loved Ones

Communication 3.2.2016The Internet and its social media platforms have created the perfect medium for staying in contact with distant loved ones. According to a PEW article on the demographics of social media users, half of those over sixty-five use Facebook. A growing number of these seniors are also interested in face-to-face communication via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Skype. With so many baby boomers …Read more ›

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