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Critical conversations need to be had with your parents prior to the move to a senior living community. Difficult discussions may also be required between family members who have different opinions about the best way to care for your parents. Good communication is always crucial to a successful move.

Tips for Peaceful Intergenerational Family Holidays

intergenerational family

intergenerational familyThe holidays are a wonderful time to bring family together, but they can also be a hotbed of conflict and stress. How can young and old push past political, religious, and generational divisions to find common ground and enjoy each other’s company this holiday season?


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#ElderCareChat 12/2/2015: Starting a Conversation About Downsizing

shutterstock_148501178Linda Hetzer (@downsizinghome) knows all about downsizing. An author, speaker and editor, Linda helped her siblings sort through 50 years’ worth of stuff in her childhood home as they emptied their father’s house in preparation for his move to an apartment — and then co-wrote a book about it, Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home, which was followed up with a blog,  …Read more ›

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Is Your Parent Abusing Prescription Drugs?

prescription_drugsAdults over 65 years use prescription drugs in disproportionately higher numbers than the rest of the population. Accompanying a more prevalent use comes a greater likelihood of prescription drug abuse. Adult children whose parents take multiple prescription drugs should know the signs of abuse and also inform themselves about the solutions to this dangerous, and potentially lethal, problem. …Read more ›

Help! My Elderly Parent Is Dating Again…

seniors dating

seniors datingWhen your single parent finds a new partner, you want to be happy for them. After all, it’s never too late to find love. But when it comes to seniors dating, it’s not so simple.


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End-of-Life Conversations: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

shutterstock_39882433Death, along with taxes, has been characterized as one of the two unavoidable things in life. What many people also try to avoid is having a conversation with their loved one about life’s inevitable end. (more…)

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What Do You Do If Your Elderly Loved One Hates His Assisted Living Facility?

assisted living

assisted livingAfter spending so much time and energy finding the right assisted living facility for your loved one, you want to see him content and well cared for. You want the transition to be seamless.


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How to Intervene in Cases of Elder Abuse

elder abuse

elder abuseWe love to read heartwarming stories about devoted caregivers and thriving seniors. When we look at seniors who are well cared for, we think, “Of course – that’s the way it should be.”


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Between the Lines of Storytelling Therapy

storytelling therapy

storytelling therapyFrom a young age, I was drawn to the power of stories. Between my obsession with the original Nancy Drew mysteries and my love for competing in storytelling contests, stories played a major role in my development.

Of course, stories aren’t just for kids. Storytelling can be engaging and even therapeutic for anyone, with significant benefits for seniors – particularly when the tales are personal.

…Read more ›

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How You Can Help Seniors Avoid Social Isolation – An Actionable Plan

social isolationMany seniors may find that their daily lives lack regular contact with other people. Especially when living alone, these older adults often suffer from social isolation, a condition that can have a detrimental affect on their health and happiness. (more…)

How to Avoid Risks of Identity Theft and Pretext Calling

How to Avoid Risks of Identity Theft and Pretext Calling

How to Avoid Risks of Identity Theft and Pretext CallingHoliday shopping and traveling makes us all more vulnerable to the risks of identity theft. We’re handing more strangers our credit cards and entering personal information online. Seniors are at high risk for identity theft and particularly pretext calling, as thieves attempt to gain information from them via phone calls. But you can guard yourself and …Read more ›

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