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Critical conversations need to be had with your parents prior to the move to a senior living community. Difficult discussions may also be required between family members who have different opinions about the best way to care for your parents. Good communication is always crucial to a successful move.

What Your Aging Parents Are Too Scared To Tell You

When people reach a certain age, their bodies start to go. They get weaker, forget things, become more dependent. A lot of seniors are afraid of this transition because it means that they lose a lot of the autonomy they once had. As a result, they may hide things from their loved ones to try and maintain their pride.

A major event seniors hide is falling. While falling is the number one cause of seniors …Read more ›

Elderly Drivers: A Dangerous Prospect

When the elderly get on the road, not only are they putting themselves at higher risk, they increase the risk for the community as well. Kaye Swain talks about her experiences observing the elderly.

“I remember heading into a restaurant a few years ago and discovering an elderly woman trying to park her car in the parking lot,” Swain says. “She was stopped in the middle of the driving area and looked confused. She said …Read more ›

Dancing Grandmas Overrun Times Square, Demand Reform

Yesterday, a flash mob of dancers dressed as seniors took Times Square. Their mission? To raise awareness about the growing need for senior care reform.

Dressed in wigs and carrying canes, these Americans presented a message. “As our population gets older and lives longer, three out of every four of us will need more than regular health care,” said elder care expert and author Dr. Marion Somers. It is never too late to start planning for …Read more ›

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Seniors a Key Group to Look at in 2012 Election

Thanks to improvements in healthcare and lifestyle choices, Americans are living longer. Our resources, however, are being pushed to their limits. Social Security and Medicare were developed depending on seniors living much shorter lives, and thus, these plans are running out of money. While people keep paying into these plans, more and more people are receiving benefits, and that does not bode well.

Senior care looks more and more to be a divisive issue in …Read more ›

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How to Help Stubborn Aging Parent: Sit Back and Watch, Says Advisor

Do your aging parents reject in-home help? They’re not the only ones. Dale Carter, author of Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change, says people ask her for advice about that all the time. So she blogged about it, offering four tips on what to do. One of them is simply to observe for a day or two:

Become like a quiet shadow beside your parent. Envision …Read more ›

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Family Meetings About Eldercare: 4 Tips for “Dummies”

It seems like there’s a for Dummies book for everything. Did you know there’s even one for eldercare?

If you’re familiar with those books, you know they’re all about clarity. No jargon or hard-to-read phrasing. So it follows that on their website, they feature quick, to-the-point lists with tips for adult children of elderly parents. For example, there’s advice on how to reduce caregiver stress and how to get your elderly parent to accept help.

Here are …Read more ›

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Holidays With Aging Parents: How to Bring Up Concerns

Many people see their aging parents only during the holidays. As we talked about yesterday, this time of year is an opportunity not just for visiting but for making sure all is well. But if you see problems, how do you bring them up?

At, the website for the California newspaper North County Times, freelance columnist Agnes Hermann gives advice on this topic as one of “we elderly folk.” Above all, …Read more ›

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Tip for When an Aging Parent Doesn’t Want to Move

Did you get to see your aging parents this Thanksgiving? How are they?

Sometimes, a holiday visit brings stark realization about elderly loved ones’ health. Or it can mark the continuation of strained talks about care.

Geriatric care manager Lindi Fodrini-Johnson recently covered a tip for one type of disagreement at her blog: if you think your aging parents need to move but they refuse, suggest a trial run.

It is sometimes good to enlist the help …Read more ›

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What to Do When a Parent Wants to Die

When an aging parent with a terminal illness expresses a wish to die, what do you do? What do you say? How do you react?

Well, the best option is probably not to immediately dismiss the sentiment, suggests The New Old Age. Instead, it’s to listen.

“The first thing is to be curious,” said Dr. Susan Block, head of the department of psychosocial oncology and palliative care at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. “Many …Read more ›

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Elder Mediation Video: Watch What a Session Is Like

When siblings argue about senior care for their elderly parents, some are turning to elder mediation: a neutral expert helps come up with a solution acceptable for all.

Elder mediator Carolyn Rosenblatt writes the Forbes Aging Parents blog. Recently, she covered mediation and espoused many of its benefits. But one thing you might find particularly interesting is a short video her company did on what a meeting is like. In How …Read more ›

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