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What are the ongoing needs of your loved ones after they have moved into a senior living community? How can you best assist them when you are no longer the primary caregiver? What can you do to maintain excellent communication and get the best results from visits to the community?

How to Celebrate Self-Improvement Month in a Senior Living Community

shutterstock_258815969With people living much longer now than they did generations ago, the retirement phase of life continues to lengthen in duration, making it even more important for seniors to have a happy and fulfilling retirement. Even for those in senior living communities, self-satisfaction and fulfillment come from striving for goals and continuously bettering themselves. September is National Self-Improvement Month, which provides the perfect opportunity for you to …Read more ›

When Your Parent Blames You for Assisted Living

shutterstock_300061223Just because your parent needs Assisted Living, that doesn’t mean they have to like it. They may feel saddened by the loss of independence and angry at you because of it. What can you do when your parent blames you for the move? Clinical psychologist Ann Pearman, Ph.D., offers her insights on navigating complicated family relationships after a move to senior living. …Read more ›

The Health Benefits of Gardening

shutterstock_58468507Perhaps the scent of soil and freshly cut grass brings back memories of childhood or the hour of sunshine lifts one’s spirits. Whatever the cause, gardening has always been a go-to activity for residents of senior living communities. (more…)

Celebrating Family Fun Month with Your Loved One in Senior Living

shutterstock_152523992Every year, families observe Family Fun Month in August. This provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of summer with your parent or loved one in a senior living community. Having fun with your aging parent not only promotes a closer bond, it also improves both mental and emotional health. Use these exciting Family Fun Month activities to get creative and change up your regular routine. …Read more ›

Completing a Bucket List with Your Parent in Assisted Living

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” – The Bucket List, 2007

shutterstock_240639418The Bucket List, a touching movie about two seniors realizing lifelong dreams, encourages seniors to continue gaining new experiences despite their age. As a family member of someone in an Assisted Living community, you should communicate with your loved one about their goals and help make them a reality. …Read more ›

Respite Care as an Alternative to Post-Surgery Rehab

shutterstock_361382867Your body’s ability to heal diminishes with age, increasing the risk of health complications after surgery. For seniors, who comprise 20 percent of all surgical procedures in the U.S., this can mean more time for rehabilitation and the need for greater access to quality care to help aid recovery. Post-surgical rehab can have a significant impact on the budget of many seniors, especially …Read more ›

Helping a Childless Elderly Relative

shutterstock_410997181Many seniors rely on their adult children for help with caregiving and care decisions, but what about the aunt, uncle, or older sibling who has no children? (more…)

Encourage Your Loved One to Participate in Community Outings

shutterstock_128072579Moving to an Assisted Living community requires several months for your loved one to adjust to their new home. However, participation in community outings will help shorten the adjustment period. Depending on the local area, many communities offer weekly outings to restaurants, plays, movie theaters, casinos, and much more. Socialization in adults and elders through community events and outings improves physical and mental health, increases …Read more ›

Celebrating Holidays in Senior Living

shutterstock_219846589For many seniors, the holidays present the best opportunity to interact with family and friends whom they may not get to see regularly. However, living in a senior community apart from immediate family can lead many seniors to feel lonely and isolated during the holiday season, which can impose serious health risks. (more…)

Ongoing Needs of Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

shutterstock_186330530It has been over a year since Sorelei, Craig Feldman’s eighty-two-year-old mother, moved into an Assisted Living community in Plano, TX. Below, he shares his family’s experience and discusses her ongoing needs, additional services, and other information relatives of family members in Assisted Living communities should know. (more…)

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