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What are the ongoing needs of your loved ones after they have moved into a senior living community? How can you best assist them when you are no longer the primary caregiver? What can you do to maintain excellent communication and get the best results from visits to the community?

Helping a Childless Elderly Relative

shutterstock_410997181Many seniors rely on their adult children for help with caregiving and care decisions, but what about the aunt, uncle, or older sibling who has no children? (more…)

Encourage Your Loved One to Participate in Community Outings

shutterstock_128072579Moving to an Assisted Living community requires several months for your loved one to adjust to their new home. However, participation in community outings will help shorten the adjustment period. Depending on the local area, many communities offer weekly outings to restaurants, plays, movie theaters, casinos, and much more. Socialization in adults and elders through community events and outings improves physical and mental health, increases …Read more ›

Celebrating Holidays in Senior Living

shutterstock_219846589For many seniors, the holidays present the best opportunity to interact with family and friends whom they may not get to see regularly. However, living in a senior community apart from immediate family can lead many seniors to feel lonely and isolated during the holiday season, which can impose serious health risks. (more…)

Ongoing Needs of Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

shutterstock_186330530It has been over a year since Sorelei, Craig Feldman’s eighty-two-year-old mother, moved into an Assisted Living community in Plano, TX. Below, he shares his family’s experience and discusses her ongoing needs, additional services, and other information relatives of family members in Assisted Living communities should know. (more…)

How to Support a Loved One with a Terminal Illness

shutterstock_343838783When a family member becomes terminally ill, it can feel as if you have spinning plates in the air: one for your emotions and another for your loved one. (more…)

When Senior Living Separates Your Parents

shutterstock_299057864 Your parents planned to grow old together, but differing care needs have forced them to live apart. One parent moving to a senior living community without his or her spouse involves a difficult transition for both partners.

How can couples maintain their relationship and health when senior living separates them, and how can their children support them in this new phase of life? Here, we offer a …Read more ›

Ensuring Your Loved One Maintains a Fitness Regimen

bicycle FBEven though most aging adults have no interest in becoming bodybuilders, maintaining a weekly fitness regimen can still contribute to the long-term cardiovascular, mental, and physical health of seniors. (more…)

Practical Gifts for Assisted Living Residents

shutterstock_296430281You may have trouble coming up with gift ideas for a loved one in an Assisted Living community. You want to avoid crowding their living space while still gifting something that they’ll find useful. Keeping these parameters in mind, consider the following gift ideas for your parent or loved one on their next birthday, holiday, or special celebration. …Read more ›

Preparing for a New Relationship with Your Parent

shutterstock_100664785Each family member will struggle with an Assisted Living transition in their own way. For seniors making the move, giving up their previous home, familiar routines, and some aspect of their independence commonly elicits an emotional response. Family members, especially full-time caregivers, may experience some emotional upheaval as well, as they, too, must adjust to a new routine and may find themselves relating to their parent …Read more ›

Managing Caregiver Grief after a Move to Assisted Living

shutterstock_323823368After growing accustomed to caring for an aging parent, you may experience feelings of grief and loss when they finally make the move to Assisted Living. Even if your parent is healthy, the move can trigger the kind of grief you once thought reserved for the dying process because this major change requires caregivers to adjust to a completely new way of life. …Read more ›

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