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What are the ongoing needs of your loved ones after they have moved into a senior living community? How can you best assist them when you are no longer the primary caregiver? What can you do to maintain excellent communication and get the best results from visits to the community?

Eight Ways to Maximize Space in an Assisted Living Apartment

shutterstock_157063094After deciding that Assisted Living is right for your loved one, you must plan for the big move to the new, often smaller apartment. As you help sort through items, do so with a focus on consolidation and which items will take up too much space or prevent your loved one from moving around easily. Use these eight tips to maximize space and efficiency in an Assisted …Read more ›

Music Therapy and a Personalized Music Collection Helps Seniors

Music Terapy_1_3.1.2016When I was a child my family often drove to Belton, Texas, to visit relatives. We always stopped at the senior care center to visit my great-great-grandmother, “Granny-Allie.” Born in 1877, on one of our final visits, she was just days short of her one-hundredth birthday. Sadly, however, she seemed as unaware of that momentous occasion as she was everything else. My parents were …Read more ›

Family Ties: Minimizing Sibling Conflict over Parental Care

Family-Support-2.26.2016Deciding that Assisted Living is right for your parent is difficult enough when you’re the only person second-guessing yourself. Adding siblings who disagree into the mix makes the process that much harder. The lack of consensus over the next step can reignite old rivalries, make the sibling who handles the majority of the care feel taken for granted, and even lead to resentment that puts a life-long …Read more ›

Staying in Touch with Your Loved One in Assisted Living

Hold onto-FB

After all the time you’ve spent planningpreparing, and packing for assisted living, you may think your job is done once the move is complete. But that’s only the beginning. Though your loved ones have moved to assisted living, they still need you in their life.


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Finding Your Passion Later in Life

senior_artistHere’s an inspiring thought for individuals entering their retirement years: Your most creative, enjoyable and fulfilling pursuits may lie ahead. By starting a new activity or developing a hobby that engages your mind, you will be able to live your later life to its fullest — while also maintaining a healthy brain. (more…)

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Portrait of the Urban Senior: The Unique Benefits and Challenges of Aging in the City

city seniors

city seniorsCity seniors are a unique breed. Many don’t drive because they’re accustomed to walking everywhere they need to go, and they have come to expect that the people they love will never be more than a bus or train ride away.


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Staying in Touch With Your Loved One in Assisted Living

assisted living

assisted livingAfter all the time you’ve spent planning, preparing, and packing for assisted living, you may think your job is done once the move is complete. But that’s only the beginning. Though your loved ones have moved to assisted living, they still need you in their life.

…Read more ›

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5 Ways to Be an Effective Advocate for Your Senior Loved One

senior advocacy

senior advocacyMany of us stumble into the role of advocate without any prior knowledge of the senior care landscape. And because we are not professional advocates or caregivers, it can be difficult to make our voices heard in a setting like a hospital, nursing home, or other senior community. So how can we as adult children (and other family members) make sure our loved ones …Read more ›

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Index Ranks Best Cities for Successful Aging

Madison_WIWhat do the cities of Madison, Wis., and Iowa City, Iowa, have in common? They rank at the top of the Best Cities for Successful Aging, the first-of-its-kind index that measures and ranks U.S. metropolitan areas based on their performance in promoting and enabling successful aging. (more…)

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“Senior Villages” Provide Social Outlets, Not Just Services

“Senior villages”—virtual retirement communities—are known for connecting older people to services that help them keep living in their home as they age. But the financial site explains that these villages also do something else traditional retirement communities do: They provide social activities.

At a senior village that serves a large area in Seattle:

… the village organizes weekly potluck dinners, outings to plays and movies, and even workshops ranging from the …Read more ›

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