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What are the ongoing needs of your loved ones after they have moved into a senior living community? How can you best assist them when you are no longer the primary caregiver? What can you do to maintain excellent communication and get the best results from visits to the community?

Siblings Not Natural Caregivers? They Can Still Help.

If you’ve taken over caregiver responsibilities because your siblings just aren’t naturally good at it, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn, suggests fellow caregiver Ruth Johnson in The Times News, a North Carolina newspaper. At least maybe they can give you a little respite.

Responding to a female reader who says her brothers aren’t “very adept” caregivers, Johnson advises:

Since your brothers are available but not involved, it’s …Read more ›

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Do You Feel Guilty Taking Breaks From Caring for Elderly Parents?

Do you feel guilty? That’s what some people have asked a woman who regularly takes her husband, Ron, to an adult day-care center called The Haven. Does she feel like she’s abandoning him? Does she feel selfish?

Absolutely not, she writes at the website for the Craig Daily Press, in Craig, CO. Her husband has a good time and gets both social and mental stimulation, and she gets her respite time.

I can …Read more ›

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Grief and the Holidays: Advice to Make It Through

Hopefully, you’re having a happy Thanksgiving today. The holidays can be such a wonderful time of year. But sometimes, they can also be the saddest.

If you’re grieving this season, here’s some advice from a hospice-care worker: Listen to yourself.

From the South Carolina news site

“Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself not wanting to participate in Christmas, and don’t feel guilty about participating in Christmas,” [Tracy Wright, community relations liaison at Hospice Care …Read more ›

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