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How much does it cost to live in a senior community? This is the first and most important question for most families beginning their search for senior living options. Understanding your loved one’s typical expenses and then budgeting appropriately are necessities with which a Senior Living Advisor can provide help. After reviewing the costs of living alone or with in-home care, you may find senior community living more affordable than you would expect.

A Financial Look at Alzheimer’s Disease Care

shutterstock_389065987Over five million Americans and their families live with Alzheimer’s disease. Between long-term care, medical services, mental care, and hospice, Alzheimer’s disease can rapidly burden families with both emotional and financial stress. In order to help alleviate the financial toll, the Alzheimer’s Association, along with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), annually summarizes the costs families can expect to pay for quality Alzheimer’s …Read more ›

Ways to Avoid Elder Fraud & Financial Abuse


shutterstock_418792501As technology advances, hackers and thieves find new ways to target people of all ages. Senior citizens often find themselves the victims of financial abuses such as exploitation, fraud, pyramid schemes, and other scams. Each year, the elderly lose millions of dollars to scammers with little to no assistance in recovering their lost assets. The National Council on Aging claims the top ten financial scams …Read more ›

Low-Cost Fall Activities and Events for Assisted Living Residents


shutterstock_398306194With leaves changing colors and temperatures beginning to cool, fall is in the air. Luckily, communities host a variety of fall events for people of all ages to welcome the new season with fun and entertainment. Aging adults in senior living communities can enjoy low-cost fall activities and events in their local community with family, friends, and other community members. Consider spending time with your parent or …Read more ›

A Simple Guide to Helping Senior Veterans with the A&A Program


shutterstock_385515673The United States has long provided its veterans with the necessary tools to live happier, more comfortable lives. Programs such as the G.I. Bill finance college tuition while others assist with healthcare or homeownership. Senior veterans may even rely on programs to maintain a consistent quality of life. Unfortunately, many aging vets do not know about the VA’s comprehensive Aid and Attendance and Housebound Improved Pension (A&A) …Read more ›

Using Your Social Security Benefits to Assist with Senior Living Costs


shutterstock_349776407Most seniors over the age of sixty-five rely on Social Security as a significant source of income. According to the Social Security Administration, “Social Security benefits represent about 39 percent of the income of the elderly.” As many aging Americans approach retirement and begin to plan for eventual senior living arrangements, they may have questions about Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as well …Read more ›

The Sharing Economy: How It Can Help You Pay for Senior Care


shutterstock_357428216The sharing economy, also known as “collaborative consumption” or the “peer economy,” allows individuals to make money from underused assets. According to market analysis by the company PwC, 19 percent of U.S. adults have participated in the sharing economy and one in four are over fifty-five. This socio-economic ecosystem can help generate supplemental income for retirees to assist with future senior living expenses. Below are …Read more ›

Middle-Class Solutions for Senior Living Costs


shutterstock_317891591Middle-class families often find themselves in a unique position regarding senior living costs; they make too much money to afford financial assistance for long-term care, but sometimes too little to afford their preferred senior living choice. (more…)

When You Can No Longer Afford Skilled Nursing


shutterstock_70173382Skilled Nursing offers medical solutions for patients with severe physical disabilities such as ALS or neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. This type of senior care is typically the most medically centric care your loved one can receive outside of a hospital. Some Skilled Nursing facilities are even located in hospitals with access to their staff and equipment. As a care route for your loved one, few options …Read more ›

Study Shows Long-Term Care Insurance Relieves Stress


shutterstock_2636655A majority of Americans share a common worry: how to pay for long-term care if the need arises. A Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll verifies this concern, with more than two-thirds of respondents saying they are “anxious and uncertain” about how they’ll pay for a senior community or home care costs should they need them in the future. (more…)

Low-Cost Summertime Décor Projects for Your Assisted Living Home


shutterstock_178015808Decorating your Assisted Living apartment can help you adjust to your new living space and make you feel more comfortable. However, home décor stores and hobby shops can run a little pricey, depending on where and how you shop. With so many great do-it-yourself activities online, you can easily find inexpensive projects to make your apartment cozier. Check out the following DIY projects to fill your home …Read more ›

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