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How much does it cost to live in a senior community? This is the first and most important question for most families beginning their search for senior living options. Understanding your loved one’s typical expenses and then budgeting appropriately are necessities with which a Senior Living Advisor can provide help. After reviewing the costs of living alone or with in-home care, you may find senior community living more affordable than you would expect.

What You Need to Know About Debt Relief for Seniors

debt relief

debt reliefA surprising number of seniors carry substantial debt and can’t find their way out.


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You Don’t Want to Outlive Your Money… Or Do You?

retirement savings

retirement savings“As the TV insurance salesman, the financial advisor, and the financial product promoters all say, ‘You don’t want to outlive your money.’ Well, maybe I do,” says Dr. Stanley Riggs, author of Build Wealth & Spend It All: Live the Life You Earned.


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Do You Really Need Long Term Care Coverage?

long term care

long term careFor some seniors, long term care coverage enables them to peacefully age in place. For others, the insurance is a needless expense. Which category do you fall into?


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Help Your Elderly Parents Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors

scamsScammers are the bane of the senior citizen community. These ruthless and dishonest individuals often target older adults. In some cases, physical or mental impairments make seniors more vulnerable to scams. In other cases, they fall victim because of a too-trusting nature, the lure of a good bargain or the promise of human companionship. Being mindful of scams and safeguarding financial assets are keys to …Read more ›

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Protecting Seniors’ Financial Assets for Future Generations

protect financial assets

protect financial assetsMy grandmother is 90 years old and lives in a nursing home. She worked her whole life and amassed a decent amount of wealth, only to have most of it drained away in her years in independent living, then assisted living, and now in a nursing home with dementia care.


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What You Need to Know About Medicare Home Care Benefits

inhome_careIndividuals recuperating from an illness or injury may wish to consider the convenience of in-home care. However, they may be unsure whether they can afford such services. For those enrolled in the Medicare program, the relevant question is: Does Medicare pay for home care? If so, what types of services does Medicare cover? …Read more ›

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Work Beyond Retirement? Why Some Think It’s a Good Idea

older_workerWorking past the traditional retirement age of 65 certainly has its advantages, both financial and otherwise. Older adults may wake up every morning with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing that they will be heading to a job where their contributions are valued.


Older Adults May Be Susceptible to Gambling Problems

gamblingWalk into a casino in the middle of the day, and you will likely observe a large number of patrons who are 65 years of age and older. While casinos give seniors a recreational outlet and a chance to socialize, there is also a risk that many might develop a gambling problem. (more…)

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Millenials Aren’t the Only Ones with Student Loan Debt

Millenials Aren’t the Only Ones with Student Loan Debt

Millenials Aren’t the Only Ones with Student Loan DebtAlong with many positive aspects of older adults embracing new endeavors later in life are some of the same setbacks younger people have always faced. This is the case when seniors realize one of the costs of pursuing a college education later in life is struggling with student loan debt. …Read more ›

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Seniors and Money Management

seniors and money management

seniors and money managementMoney management can be an increasing difficult task for seniors. Not only are they typically on a fixed income, but they may also have poor eyesight that makes it more difficult to write checks or read figures. Additionally, they may be experiencing cognitive decline, causing them to forget to pay bills or record financial transactions. …Read more ›

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