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How can you best prepare to move your parents into a senior living community? What should be packed and moved? What should be sold? An organized, efficient transition to senior living requires careful planning. Remember that unexpected surprises can be greatly diminished or avoided with experienced advice!

You Can’t Overprepare for a Move to Senior Living

shutterstock_369093563Preparation is everything when it comes to planning for a parent’s move to senior living, whether into Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing. (more…)

Moving While Disabled: Moving Tips for Disabled Senior Residents

shutterstock_354001280The process of moving to a new apartment can place tremendous stress on your body. Constant lifting, bending, and reaching can strain your joints and worsen an existing ailment. Residents with disabilities or mobility issues should always seek the help of friends and family or hire professional movers. What you pay for in packing and moving fees will eventually pay for itself when you walk into your …Read more ›

Using a Senior Move Manager: What You Need to Know

shutterstock_154243622A unique set of emotions and challenges accompanies moving a parent or loved one out of their home and into a senior living community. The physical and organizational tasks associated with planning such a complicated move often overwhelm everyone involved. For this reason, many families now turn to a senior move manager (SMM) for assistance during this transition. Discover what you need to know about these experienced …Read more ›

Coordinating a Long-Distance Senior Move

shutterstock_48807916If you have elderly parents or loved ones who live far away, you may decide to relocate them to a senior living community closer to you when the time comes. Moving an elderly parent, especially one who requires a cross-country move, is a challenge. The tips in this guide will help simplify this transition and make things easier on everyone involved. …Read more ›

Packing for Memory Care

shutterstock_426913510While there are similarities between the packing processes for any senior living move, the items that seniors bring to their new community often depends on what type of care they’ll receive. (more…)

Tech Gadgets That Can Simplify Your Moving Process

shutterstock_127260140Helping your loved one move into a new apartment and sorting through their old belongings can bring back old memories. From your mother’s precious family photo albums to your father’s collection of vinyl blues records, these cherished items represent key moments in their life that they cannot live without—or so they think. (more…)

Should You Hire a Senior Move Manager?

shutterstock_100999264Moving is one of life’s most stressful events, and it doesn’t get easier with age. But are senior move managers worth the cost? (more…)

Moving Tips for a Parent with Alzheimer’s

shutterstock_327514886Moving into a new home is always a stressful and time-consuming process. For many seniors, moving entails leaving their comfort zone and starting a new chapter of their life in a new community. For people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, moving can mean a terrifying and confusing change to their normal routine. (more…)

Six Furniture Tips for Moving into Assisted Living

shutterstock_100830451Assisted Living communities offer aging parents and loved ones an active lifestyle without risking their health, safety, and comfort. While a number of communities offer fully furnished homes, some communities do not provide their residents with the proper furniture to ensure their new apartment remains an easily accessible and hazard-free environment. Families often find themselves trying to downsize their parent or loved one’s furniture before moving into …Read more ›

Store, Donate, or Toss: A Checklist for a Move to Senior Living

shutterstock_404291947Downsizing for a move to a senior living community is often physically, mentally, and emotionally draining for seniors and their families. Though you may see a houseful of clutter to sort through, your parent likely sees a treasure trove of priceless objects and a lifetime of memories. Remind yourself how difficult the process is for your loved one and remain patient when figuring out what to move …Read more ›

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