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How can you best prepare to move your parents into a senior living community? What should be packed and moved? What should be sold? An organized, efficient transition to senior living requires careful planning. Remember that unexpected surprises can be greatly diminished or avoided with experienced advice!

Store, Donate, or Toss: A Checklist for a Move to Senior Living

shutterstock_404291947Downsizing for a move to a senior living community is often physically, mentally, and emotionally draining for seniors and their families. Though you may see a houseful of clutter to sort through, your parent likely sees a treasure trove of priceless objects and a lifetime of memories. Remind yourself how difficult the process is for your loved one and remain patient when figuring out what to move …Read more ›

Transforming the Moving Process into a Fun Project

shutterstock_111395384After finding an appropriate senior community for your loved one and signing all the paperwork, you must plan the physical move itself. The moving process can feel daunting to a loved one downsizing their belongings and leaving behind a previous home. However, you can still take several steps to engage your loved one and even turn the move into a fun project. …Read more ›

Five Questions to Remember When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_410401945Many people would describe finding the perfect Assisted Living community for a loved one as a nerve-racking experience, at best. Yet, you can disarm some of the inherent stress of the process by asking yourself a few important questions as you tour potential providers.  (more…)

Giving Assisted Living a Trial Run

shutterstock_222565729Many families grapple with the decision to choose Assisted Living, and they retain several misgivings even after doing the necessary research on a care provider. Some questions you simply cannot answer until your loved one actually lives in the community. Will your parent like the new living conditions and fit in well with the other residents? Will he or she like the food, the surroundings, the activities, …Read more ›

Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Movers

shutterstock_333212762You found a new apartment at a lovely Independent Living community, picked out stylish furniture, and plan to move in as soon as possible. Now comes the hard part: moving. (more…)

Preparing for Life in an Assisted Living Community

shutterstock_177734438When declining health or an increasing need for assistance makes it too difficult for a senior citizen to live alone or with family, many people choose an Assisted Living community as the best place for their loved one. Making this move is often stressful for the senior, especially if they have been independent for most of their life. The following steps can help to smooth the transition. …Read more ›

Four Tips for Decorating Your Parent’s Assisted Living Home

shutterstock_286338008Moving into a senior living community presents a stressful lifestyle change for those who’ve lived in the same home for many years. The old home has memories and a particular comfort in which you or your loved one have grown accustomed. In contrast, a new home may feel foreign and uncomfortable, making the transition to a senior living community more difficult. …Read more ›

Preparing for Dementia

shutterstock_170444144 When Emily Caldwell first mentioned Assisted Living to her mother, Bonnie Caldwell, Bonnie resisted the idea. Bonnie had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease nearly two years prior, but she continued to live in her own apartment and drive occasionally. (more…)

Spring Activities & Their Health Benefits for Senior Living Residents

shutterstock_214695784Warmer weather, longer days, and blooming flowers hint at the arrival of spring. Springtime activities provide surprising health benefits and allow residents of senior living communities to enjoy the beauty that comes along with this time of year. (more…)

What You Need to Know about Senior-Friendly Companion Dogs

shutterstock_63611257A companion dog provides unconditional love that can nourish one’s emotional health and promote physiological well-being. (more…)

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