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How can you best prepare to move your parents into a senior living community? What should be packed and moved? What should be sold? An organized, efficient transition to senior living requires careful planning. Remember that unexpected surprises can be greatly diminished or avoided with experienced advice!

Six Daytrips for Assisted Living Residents

lawnmower FBAs great as those Assisted Living community’s perks and programs may be, it’s important to “get out of the house” every once in a while. Many communities encourage families to take field trips and participate in local activities with their senior. Here are six day trip ideas for Assisted Living residents. (more…)

Key Considerations in Choosing a Residential Care Option for Your Parents

shutterstock_84328597After considerable discussion and contemplation, your family has finally come a decision. To assure your aging parent’s health, safety, and well-being, you’ve reached the conclusion that they should move into a senior care community. Now, the real work begins: selecting the community that best suits your parent’s needs. (more…)

What to Look for in a Senior Living Community

shutterstock_158916104Searching for a senior living community requires a lot of time, research, and patience. Whether you search on your own or with the help of a Senior Living Advisor, it’s important to know what type of care, services, and amenities a facility has to offer without breaking your budget. Use this checklist as a guide. …Read more ›

How to Choose a Senior Community: Property Tour Checklist

Checklist 3.28.2016The search for the right Assisted Living community involves a great deal of time and effort. Once you’ve compiled a list of communities that you like, tour them in person before making any decisions. Use this checklist to help evaluate each community’s location, amenities, medical care, and other important factors. (more…)

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Assisted Living for Seniors in Need of Memory Care

shutterstock_169807310Though you may anticipate difficulty, moving a loved one with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or different memory impairment may be simpler than you think. During this process, remember that you are making a transition that is in your loved one’s best interest. For instance, Assisted Living environments are social places – and most individuals with memory impairment do better in the company of others. A …Read more ›

Dining with a Disability: Products That Assist with Motor Impairments

Preparation 3.2.2016A loved one living with an arm, shoulder, or hand disability must adapt the way they complete everyday tasks, from typing emails to washing dishes. (more…)

A Checklist for Moving into Assisted Living

Preparation_2.27.2016You’ve already used a senior living referral service and now it’s time to help your parent move to an assisted living facility. After making the decision to move your loved one into Assisted Living, it’s time to start packing and consolidating their belongings. In order to make this transition from living on their own to moving into Assisted Living, it’s important for you to pack …Read more ›

Three Ways to Make a Senior-Living Room More Comfortable

DIY_2.27.2016Adjusting to senior living is difficult for seniors and their loved ones. Seniors, like any of us, may initially experience discomfort or anxiety living somewhere new. Despite the center’s best efforts to adjust your loved ones to their new home, some seniors may feel out of place. However, you can help shorten the adjustment period and ease the transition. Crafts and do-it-yourself projects are an excellent way …Read more ›

How to Prepare for a Great Retirement

reitrementYou know that phrase on our cars’ side-view mirrors? “Objects are closer than they appear.” That’s what retirement is like. It may seem like it’s far off in the distance, but then all of a sudden, it creeps up right alongside you. That’s why it’s best to prepare early for your retirement years—financially, physically, and mentally. …Read more ›

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Vacationing With an Elderly Parent? What to Do Beforehand

Summer’s quickly approaching. With it come the traditional summer vacations. If you’re planning a trip with your elderly parent, the Right at Home blog has some tips for you, to help prevent headaches.

For one thing, before you leave, make sure you’ll be accommodated well:

Check ahead on accommodations and dietary or ambulatory needs. Contact airlines, rental car companies and hotels about special needs, such as reserving wheelchairs and allowing assistive medical equipment. …Read more ›

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