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Keep up to date with trends in senior living community care. Learn how senior communities are changing, how senior care is managed, and how technology affects today’s senior activities.

What Matters Most in Senior Living?

What Matters Most in Senior Living?

What Matters Most in Senior Living?There are many factors that help families determine whether their aging parent will be happy in a senior living community—the atmosphere, the dining experience, the activities, and the location. But there is one factor that exceeds all others in how your loved one will respond to the senior living experience—and that is the presence of a friendly, helpful, …Read more ›

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Having Everyone Play a Part in Caregiving

Having Everyone Play a Part in Caregiving

Having Everyone Play a Part in CaregivingThis is a scenario that’s all-too-familiar to siblings with elderly parents. Mom or Dad needs care, but the burden of family caregiving falls on one sibling more heavily than the others. Why can’t family caregiving duties be more equitable? Perhaps not everyone has been assigned a role. …Read more ›

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15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging

15 Inspiring Insights on Aging“With age comes wisdom” is more than just an adage; it’s an almost universally accepted truth.


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The Digital Senior: Technology Pros and Cons

The Digital Senior: Technology Pros & Cons

The Digital Senior: Technology Pros & ConsTechnology for seniors is improving many aspects of their lives. There are technology tools that make life more convenient and also help elderly people stay more connected to their families. Even with such advantages, it’s important to be aware that there are downsides of technology usage as well. Data shared or transmitted online can fall into the wrong hands. This unfortunately …Read more ›

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Why Many Senior Living Residents Are “Blossoming”

Why Many Senior Living Residents Are "Blossoming"

Why Many Senior Living Residents Are "Blossoming"“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” –Audrey Hepburn

More and more senior living communities are finding that quote to ring true as their residents “blossom,” thanks to unique gardening programs that foster friendship, cultivate confidence, and provide purpose.


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Technology to Improve Seniors’ Lives

Technology to imrprove seniors' lives

Technology to imrprove seniors' livesTwo concurrent trends—the shifting demographics toward an aging population and the emergence of dramatic new technologies—are converging to create an intensified focus on improving the quality of life for seniors. (more…)

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Life Hacks for the Busy Caregiver

life hacks for the busy caregiver

life hacks for the busy caregiverLife hacks are a way to save time and sanity, and family caregivers certainly can use more of both. In many cases, caregivers are not only devoting many hours to helping their aging parents but they also have obligations to spouses and school-age children. So, life hacks for the busy caregiver are just what they need. …Read more ›

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What’s Ahead for Senior Care: Expert Predictions

senior care trends

senior care trendsTen thousand Baby Boomers are turning 65 every single day—which means older adults will comprise 18 percent of the U.S. population by 2030. Of course, with the growth of the aging population comes increased demand for appropriate housing and care. How will we meet this demand and support the precious elders in our communities in the weeks, months, and year ahead?

We connected with various experts …Read more ›

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Smartphone Apps to Help Seniors Communicate with Family Members

shutterstock_114732826Consistent communication with friends and family members plays a critical role in preserving cognitive health for seniors who live alone. Studies published in The American Journal of Public Health even indicate that social integration minimizes the effects of memory loss. (more…)

Four Easy Yoga Poses for Senior Citizens

Yoga_2Yoga is a mind-body therapy that uses breathing exercises, meditation, and postures to improve general physical fitness and mental well-being. As the University of Maryland Medical Center notes, practicing yoga helps to fight arthritis, back pain, anxiety, and more. Some people imagine yoga as young people behaving like contortionists, but yoga postures and exercises can be adapted for any body type and any age so …Read more ›

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