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Keep up to date with trends in senior living community care. Learn how senior communities are changing, how senior care is managed, and how technology affects today’s senior activities.

What’s Ahead for Senior Care: Expert Predictions

senior care trends

senior care trendsTen thousand Baby Boomers are turning 65 every single day—which means older adults will comprise 18 percent of the U.S. population by 2030. Of course, with the growth of the aging population comes increased demand for appropriate housing and care. How will we meet this demand and support the precious elders in our communities in the weeks, months, and year ahead?

We connected with various experts …Read more ›

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Smartphone Apps to Help Seniors Communicate with Family Members

shutterstock_114732826Consistent communication with friends and family members plays a critical role in preserving cognitive health for seniors who live alone. Studies published in The American Journal of Public Health even indicate that social integration minimizes the effects of memory loss. (more…)

Four Easy Yoga Poses for Senior Citizens

Yoga_2Yoga is a mind-body therapy that uses breathing exercises, meditation, and postures to improve general physical fitness and mental well-being. As the University of Maryland Medical Center notes, practicing yoga helps to fight arthritis, back pain, anxiety, and more. Some people imagine yoga as young people behaving like contortionists, but yoga postures and exercises can be adapted for any body type and any age so …Read more ›

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Pets in Senior Living Facilities Improve Quality of Life

Pets I“Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

George Eliot

Pet therapy uses animals to offset emotional and physical issues to improve quality of life. It is especially therapeutic for senior citizens because they are susceptible to depression, loneliness, and declining health. Many senior living communities have begun to integrate pets through their animal assisted therapy programs and are allowing seniors to …Read more ›

A New Approach to Web Access

elder access to technology

elder access to technologyBeing able to access the web is critical in our technology-driven world, but what do you do if visual, auditory, physical or cognitive impairments prevent you or a loved one from being able to use and process information that is available online?

If access to technology proves to be a problem, the good news is that technology can also provide the solution. Technology currently exist …Read more ›

Finding the Best Home Care Match

shutterstock_49514230Have your efforts to find home care for your aging parent turned out to be harder than you imagined? (more…)

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Living with Lewy Body Dementia

lewy body dementia

lewy body dementiaRobin Williams’s widow recently revealed what she believes led to her husband’s suicide — the unbearable symptoms of Lewy body dementia (LBD).


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5 Traits of Healthy Seniors

healthy seniors

healthy seniorsWhy are some 80-year-olds in better health than some 60-year-olds? Genetics play a part, but caregivers have also identified specific traits that can make a significant difference in seniors’ well-being.


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

ChristmasFor many of us, our parents are the most difficult-to-buy-for people on our holiday shopping list. It’s hard to come up with Christmas gift ideas for parents who have everything. Or in some cases, because of physical and cognitive impairments, they may have certain limitations that curtail the gifts they can use and enjoy. …Read more ›

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Is There Hope for Seniors with Tinnitus?


tinnitusIf you hear ringing in your ears when no external sounds are present, you may be suffering from tinnitus – and you’re not alone. As you get older, the likelihood of developing tinnitus increases significantly. In fact, research suggests that roughly 30 percent of seniors experience tinnitus symptoms.


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