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New Council Seeks to Support Nation’s 44 Million Family Caregivers

family_caregiverWhat if family caregivers could find everything they need for caregiving in one place? With the launch of the National Caregiver Council — elder care leaders coming together to address the needs of the nation’s 44 million family caregivers — that is now a reality. (more…)

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What You Need to Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

kneeOh, those achy knees! The older we get, the more likely we are to have knee pain. In some cases, cortisone shots or physical therapy can be used to treat the pain. In the most severe cases, either partial or total knee replacement surgery may be warranted. (more…)

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A Campaign to Boost Your Brain Health

brain_healthThe human brain: it’s an incredible, complex organ that gives us the ability to think, learn, feel, create, innovate, see, hear and experience life. 

As awe-inspiring as the human brain is, we do become vulnerable to mental decline as we age. Research has helped us gain a greater understanding of various forms of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, along with other types of cognitive impairment and memory loss. Yet there is still …Read more ›

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The Overlooked Caregiver: Taking Care of Yourself Too

caregiverIt’s an unfortunate paradox: Family members who devote countless hours to caring for a loved one may wind up becoming so worn down — physically, mentally and emotionally — that they may need care themselves. (more…)

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Behind the Scenes of Hospice Care

hospice care

hospice careFacing death is never easy, even for those who have lived long, full lives. So many factors are out of your control, and you may feel as though you are at the mercy of your caregivers.


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Gambling Problems Among Seniors

senior_gamblingVisiting the local casino may be an enjoyable recreational activity for some seniors, but for others — especially those with cognitive impairment issues — a casino trip may lead to a serious gambling addiction that causes great financial harm and significant mental anguish.  (more…)

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The Rise of Faith Based Senior Living

faith based senior living

faith based senior livingFor many seniors, faith is a way of life. Whether that faith is one that has provided sustenance through the decades or is more of a recent discovery, spiritual life tends to take priority as the end of physical life draws nearer.


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How to Help a Disabled Older Parent: Exercises, Training & More

disabledWhen an older adult becomes disabled, the individual and the family must make a number of adjustments. Family members must understand the physical limitations the disability may mean for their loved one, and they should also determine what role they can play in providing assistance and support. (more…)

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Maintaining Your Relationship with Divorced Older Parents

older_divorceDivorce is not easy—not for the two ex-spouses involved and certainly not for their children. Adult children have the challenge of maintaining positive relationships with two separate individuals in two separate households, which can be even more challenging if one or both of the parents are dealing with health issues or if there is emotional tension between the two parties.

So, how exactly does an adult …Read more ›

The Challenges of Type 2 Diabetes in Older Adults

Type2DOne out of four adults aged 60 or older have type 2 diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. An early diagnosis is key to managing the disease, but that can be a challenge since many of the symptoms can be confused with other conditions that are common in the older population. …Read more ›

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