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When is the right time to move your parents into to a senior living community? What are some of the warning signs that indicate it is not safe for your parents to live alone? Choosing the right type of care for your loved ones—and choosing it early enough—may ensure prevention of a life-threatening crisis.

Hospice: Advice on How to Know When It’s Time

You may already know that hospice can improve people’s quality of life when they have a terminal illness. But how do you know when someone’s ready for it?

That’s what a reader in Idaho asked her local paper, the Times-News, about her mother. A hospice manager answers:

First, you would want to talk with your mother and see what she is comfortable doing.

If your mother wants to continue to do treatments for her …Read more ›

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Are You Legally Responsible for Your Parents’ Care?

are you legally responsible for your parents' care

are you legally responsible for your parents'  careThere will come a day when your aging parent may need someone to handle his or her care, and that someone will very likely be you. In fact, many adult children expect that such a day will come when they must assume responsibility for their parents’ well being. After all, that’s the circle of life, and morally …Read more ›

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