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Robots For Eldercare Start Home Trials

he elderly frequently endure loneliness and/or loss of independence when living in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. This new type of remote medical monitoring system, a CareBot, will postpone, if not eliminate that trauma to them. Their families can now better manage the difficult decisions regarding the independence they allow their now dependent parent while minimizing the risk the adult care giver is willing to assume for a prudent level of independence for their now reliant parent.

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Breast Cancer And Mammograms – To Test Or Not To Test ?

That is the question. Until yesterday, the common instructions for women was to be tested annually if over 40. New guidelines suggest that a woman should start doing mammograms at the age of 50 and then subsequently every 2 years.

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How To Find Affordable Care?

Ken Dychtwald – Renowned Psychologist, Gerontologist and Author has a post today on the Huffington Post. here are some excerpts – for the full article click here. Learning from my mom and dad’s experience. I grew up in the 1950s

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U.S.A. 2009 – People Are Hungry – Hunger At A 14-Year High

The number of Americans who lacked reliable access to sufficient food shot up last year to its highest point since the government began surveying in 1995, the Agriculture Department reported on Monday. In its annual report on hunger, the department

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Report Details BILLIONS Lost In Medicare Fraud

WOW! Hope Yen of the A.P has a story detailing that the government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims including medical treatment showing little relation to a patient’s condition, wasting taxpayer money at a rate nearly three

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Internet Security Tips For Seniors

Bill Mullins’ blog has a post with some tips for seniors. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 40% of of people 65 and older have a computer at home. Of this total, approximately 25% of these individuals are connected to

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Report: Health Care Bill Would Reduce Senior Care

The Washington Post has a story about a plan to slash more than $500 billion from future Medicare spending — one of the biggest sources of funding for President Obama’s proposed overhaul of the nation’s health-care system — would sharply

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New Survey Shows: We Really Do Not Understand Long Term Care

The MetLife Mature Institute (MMI) recently released a new survey that shows that most Americans know what long-term care is and how much it costs, but their scores fall short regarding how many people will need it and how they

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November is National Family Caregiver Month

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month 2009 There are many ways to celebrate family caregivers and to take action and communicate the important messages of NFC Month. The following are ideas and guides to help you create

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Has Your Home Caregiver Been Trained?

Most people are astonished to hear that many homecare workers do not have any formal education in caring for an elderly adult. Certified nurse aids and nurses must hold a license or a certification in all 50 states. Homemakers, sitters

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