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Are Nursing Homes Over Drugging Our Parents?

The Chicago Tribune did an in-depth story on the medications administered by nursing homes in Illinois, many of which are not needed and not appropriate for the resident’s medical conditions. Frail and vulnerable residents of nursing homes throughout Illinois are

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65 And Looking For Work

It is well known that during the nation’s gale-force recession, many older Americans who dreamed of retirement continued to work, often because their 401(k)’s had plunged in value In fact, there are more Americans 65 and older in the job

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An OurParents Member Perspective on Nursing Home Care

At OurParents we get many great member reviews written about various care providers, their quality of care, etc. – they are done by people trying to reach out and share their experiences to hep others, and they are invaluable to

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National Consumer Law Center Releases Report On Reverse Mortgages

Report Draws Comparisons To Subprime Problems The National Consumer Law Center recently released a report titled “Subprime Revisited: How the Rise of the Reverse Mortgage Lending Industry Puts Older Homeowners at Risk” that highlights abuses from the subprime mortgage market

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Medicare Premium To Rise 15% Next Year!

The basic Medicare premium will shoot up next year by 15 percent, to $110.50 a month, federal officials said Monday. The increase means that monthly premiums would top $100 for the first time, a stark indication of the rise in

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First-Time Internet Users Exhibit Boost In Brain Function!

Boost In Brain Function Seen In First-Time Internet Users After Just 1 Week You can teach an old dog new tricks, say UCLA scientists who found that middle-aged and older adults with little Internet experience were able to trigger key

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Nursing Home Safety: Illinois Task Force Sets Hearing For Tuesday

In Illinois – Gov. Pat Quinn’s new Nursing Home Safety Task Force will hear testimony from elder care advocates, service providers and residents in an open, public meeting Tuesday. It also announced a Web site — — that takes

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Medicaid Expansion – Can Shrinking States Budgets Pay For It?

The government programs that provide health care to the poor would expand to cover nearly one in five Americans under health insurance legislation pending in Congress, putting pressure on federal and state budgets,” USA Today reports. “Medicaid, one of the fastest-growing

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Nurse Ratched Or Nurse Kevorkian?

Nurse Is Accused of Using Internet to Encourage Suicides MINNEAPOLIS — A nurse who authorities say visited suicide chat rooms on the Internet and encouraged depressed people to kill themselves is under investigation in at least two deaths and may

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Internet Use Cuts Depression Among Senior Citizens

Spending time online reduces depression by 20 percent for senior citizens, the Phoenix Center reports in a new Policy Paper released today. In addition to the quality of life benefits, the Policy Paper said reducing the incidence of depression by

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