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To CCRC or not to CCRC… That is the $500,000 Question.

In 2000, Jane Gross’ mother was to come back to New York to live with her children as her health started to fail. What started with this premise quickly became an ordeal for Jane. As her mother was transitioning away

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Shouldn’t we know?

When it comes to providing care for our parents, anyone can agree that they deserve to have all the information about aging, despite any social stigma this information may carry. Virginia Senator Mark Warner is campaigning for this exact kind

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Senior Citizens, Get Your Bow-Ties!

For those young at heart… a literal senior prom!


According to the US Census Bureau, the world’s senior population is currently at 516 million people. In 2050, that number will rise to 1.53 million, 16% of the projected population.

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Can Alzheimer’s be cured ?

Just read a good article on Scientific American about Alzheimer’s. P. Murali Doraiswamy discusses recent breakthroughs in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease and what everyone can do to postpone the onset of memory loss. Doraiswamy, who is the head of biological psychiatry at

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OurParents Launches First Independent, Unbiased Online Service to Match Families of Aging Parents with Senior Care Providers Company defies current business practices of senior care websites with launch of, a free matching service for both consumers and senior care

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Activities in Assisted Living: Not All Fun and Games

Activities in Assisted Living: Not All Fun and Games

An opinion piece on ideas for a “different type of assisted living facility” recently caught my eye. Besides getting an e-mail alert about it, a colleague posted the piece on my Facebook page, knowing that in my former life I

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