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Join the July 19, 2017 #ElderCareChat: Arts, Culture, Storytelling & Aging

Mark your calendar for the next #ElderCareChat—July 19th—to discuss Arts, Culture, Storytelling & Aging. Joining us will be the Helpline Coordinator for Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles.

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#ElderCareChat Recap 6/21/17: Making Caregiving a Family Affair

Mark Gibbons, director of programs and operations, recently served as an expert panelist for the popular #ElderCareChat, presented by

Aging Transitions: Dissipating the Anger

Aging Transitions: Dissipating the Anger

When trying to understand behavioral changes in older adults, be aware that there is almost always an underlying cause to the increased anger or frustration.

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Senior Living Near Me: Moving Closer to Home

“Senior Living Near Me”– Moving Close to Home

Some seniors find it comforting to stay in the same city rather than undertaking a cross-country move to senior living. We explore the dynamics of a local move.

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Success Stories: The Difference Veteran's Benefits Can Make

Success Stories: The Difference Veterans Benefits Can Make

Take a look at recent stories of real veterans and their families who have used the resources at to obtain the Aid and Attendance benefit.

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Preparing for a Senior Living Tour

Preparing for a Senior Living Tour

How many communities you opt to tour is entirely a personal choice. The important thing is to feel you have a clear idea of your options before making a final choice.

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: Top Tips for Family Meetings

Senior Living Strategizing: Top Tips for Family Meetings

A social worker’s advice on senior living conversations that provide a satisfying outcome for everyone.

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Benefits for the veteran's spouse

Benefits for the Veteran’s Spouse

The surviving spouses of wartime veterans may not realize it, but they are eligible for a Veteran’s Aid and Attendance pension benefit.

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ElderCareChat 6/21/17 with Caregiver Action Network

Join #ElderCareChat on June 21, 2017: Making Caregiving a Family Affair

The next #ElderCareChat will feature guest panelist Mark Gibbons, director of programs and operations for the Caregiver Action Network.

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#ElderCareChat recap 5/17/17: Self-Care for Caregivers

#ElderCareChat 5/17/17 Recap: Self-Care for Caregivers

The May 17, 2017 session of #ElderCareChat focused on self-care for caregivers and featured guest panelists from the American Psychological Association.

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