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Effective Communication with Older Adults

Effectively Communicating with Older Adults: Expert Advice Abounds

Many adult children have experienced this paradox: At the very time they need to communicate with their aging parent about important issues in their life, the older person begins experiencing impediments that make communication difficult.

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Meeting Senior Transportation Needs

Meeting Senior Transportation Needs

“Older adults need transportation for daily living activities—errands, shopping, community activities including volunteer work, recreation, entertainment, visiting friends and family, and for non-emergency medical transportation,” says Jane Hardin, program specialist with CTAA

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Why Many Senior Living Residents Are "Blossoming"

Why Many Senior Living Residents Are “Blossoming”

Unique senior living gardening programs foster friendship, cultivate confidence, and provide purpose. This horticultural therapist tells us how.

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ElderCareChat promo 4/12/17

Join #ElderCareChat on April 12, 2017: How Families Can Prepare for Aging

The next #ElderCareChat will feature guest panelist Amy Cameron O’Rourke, current president of the Aging Life Care Association. Ms. O’Rourke will lead us in a discussion of how families can proactively prepare for aging versus reacting to a crisis.

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#ElderCareChat analytics 3/22/17

#ElderCareChat 3/22/17 Recap: Overcoming Objections to Senior Living

Missed our #ElderCareChat on “Overcoming Objections to Senior Living”? Get the recap now.

leaving a legacy: how it strengthens and preserves family bonds

Leaving a Legacy: How It Strengthens and Preserves Family Bonds

“Most people think of a legacy as material goods,” says personal historian Judy Shutts. But she believes a legacy of stories is far more valuable.

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Living with Aphasia

When Communication Becomes a Struggle: Living With Aphasia

Whatever the cause of aphasia, there are several treatments and strategies that have proven effective in improving communication.

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Overcoming Objections to Senior Living

“Some people think you have to be ready to die before you consider leaving your home,” says Sarah Short, director of residency planning at Landis Homes.

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Technology to imrprove seniors' lives

Technology to Improve Seniors’ Lives

“Technology does not replace the human element, but it’s a tool that will enable the growing aging demographic to better our lives as we age…”

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Don’t Miss #ElderCareChat on March 22, 2017: Overcoming Objections to Senior Living

Join #ElderCareChat on March 22, 2017, when Sarah Short, Director of Residency Planning at Landis Homes, will lead a discussion about ways to help loved ones come to a place of acceptance with their move to senior living.

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