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When Your Parent's Time Is Becoming Short

When Your Parent’s Time Is Becoming Short

The guideline for recommending hospice is the expectation that the patient has six months or less to live. But the uncertainty of just how much time remains is stressful on the family.

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How digital caregiving helps elders stay connected

Digital Caregiving Helps Elders Stay Connected

With technology becoming more ubiquitous in the caregiving space, it is not surprising that there has been a rise in digital caregiving solutions over the last several years.

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Celebrating diversity in senior living

Celebrating Diversity in Senior Living

It’s human nature to flock toward those who look the same as we do, but there is value in expanding our world to interact with people of all races and ethnicities.

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What Type of Family Caregiver Are You?

What Type of Family Caregiver Are You?

You can’t change your personality, but you can make your personality work for you by forming a caregiving team to support your aging parent.

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when you can't respect their wishes...

When You Can’t Respect Their Wishes

What can you do if it’s unsafe for your loved one to continue living at home, but she refuses to move?

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#ElderCareChat recap -

#ElderCareChat 2/14/18 Recap: Using Your Five Senses to Make a Senior Living Decision

We were honored to welcome Maribeth Bersani, chief operating officer of Argentum, as our expert panelist for this month’s #ElderCareChat.

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7 tips for heart-healthy seniors

7 Tips for Heart-Healthy Seniors

February is American Heart Month — a time to focus on making healthy choices so we can live life to the fullest.

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How seniors can overcome boredom

How Seniors Can Overcome Boredom

When boredom sets in, often the best way to alleviate it is to shake up your routine.

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Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care_

Does My Loved One Need Home Care or Home Health Care?

There’s a one-word difference between home care and home health care, but the terms refer to completely different services. No wonder families are confused!

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The Accidental Caregiver

The Accidental Caregiver

In many instances, the commitment to caregiving becomes more than the adult children can handle, but they’ve become trapped in the role without a viable way out.

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