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Transitioning Your Loved One to a Residential Care Home

Learn key amenities and services you should look for when moving your aging parent or loved one to a Residential Care Home.


Telemedicine in Senior Living: The Newest Healthcare Trend

Learn about telemedicine—a new healthcare trend that involves interactive technology—and its influence in senior living communities.


Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Seniors with Dementia

How can families provide spiritual support for their loved one after a move to memory care?

A Financial Look at Alzheimer’s Disease Care

Understand the financial costs for caring for a parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.


#ElderCareChat 10/19/16: The Power of Soft Therapies

This week, 32 participants engaged in an inspiring conversation about the power of “soft” therapies (art, music, laughter, reminiscence, storytelling, and more). From connecting caregivers and seniors to producing joy, the benefits of such therapeutic interventions are undeniable. We were pleased to

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Long-Distance Families: Recognizing Signs Your Parent Needs More Care

Tips for long-distance family members about recognizing signs that a parent needs more care.


Should You Hire an Elder Mediator?

When the conversation turns to senior living, many families have trouble seeing eye to eye. That’s where an elder mediator—a trained, impartial third party—can help.


Life Satisfaction at Senior Living Communities vs. Home Care

The differences in happiness and satisfaction between seniors at home versus seniors in a senior living community.

Strengthening Bonds: Adult Grandchildren Caring for Grandparents

How grandchildren caring for grandparents can enrich their relationship.


What to Do When Your Male Loved One Refuses Help

Learn methods to discussing health care and elder care with your male loved one who refuses help with medical needs.

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