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5 Ways to Be an Effective Advocate for Your Senior Loved One

senior advocacy

senior advocacyMany of us stumble into the role of advocate without any prior knowledge of the senior care landscape. And because we are not professional advocates or caregivers, it can be difficult to make our voices heard in a setting like a hospital, nursing home, or other senior community. So how can we as adult children (and other family members) make sure our loved ones …Read more ›

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How to Write Advance Directives: Easy Sources

A study on advance directives has been making news lately. It found that these documents, such as living wills, do usually affect how people are cared for at the end of life.

But they only work, of course, if you have them. Do you know if your parents do? If they don’t, you can help them fill them out, and it may be easier than you think.

Advance directives may sound …Read more ›

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Your Rights When Caring for a Senior Who’s Not a Family Member

President Obama is changing the way hospitals treat some visitors, and the gay community is applauding. But they’re not the only ones the new rules will affect.

Family members have special visitation rights at hospitals. These rights don’t always extend to same-sex partners. And, according to President Obama, other people are similarly affected: non-married heterosexual couples, widows, widowers and members of religious orders.

Thursday night, reports the Los Angeles Times:

In a memo …Read more ›

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How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Death

We’re told all the time that we need to prepare advance directives. We should tell our families how we want to be treated in death—or near death.

But by the same token, our families need to return the favor. And yet, how do you ask your parents, “When you die …?” or, “If you’re on a machine …?”

Dale Carter, founder of Transition Aging Parents, offers some tips on how …Read more ›

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