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Senior-Care Post Roundup: Alzheimer’s, Respite and Elderly Couples

If you’ve been reading this blog a while, you know that we strive to keep you up-to-date on great articles about finding and paying for senior care. One of the many, many outlets we keep an eye on is The New York Times. They cover senior care quite a bit and even have a blog dedicated to aging.

Recently, they’ve featured a few good articles easily missed in the holiday rush. In case you didn’t …Read more ›

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In-Law Cottage: Alternative to a Crowded Home

So many people are living with aging parents and their children that a term has been coined: the sandwich generation. And some of them are undoubtedly sandwiched in some crowded homes.

The Reuters blog Prism Money recently mentioned one way to free up some room: Inspired In-Law Cottages.

“Our business has been picking up over the last few years and we’ve really identified a huge need to support the growing trend for multigenerational families architecturally,” says …Read more ›

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Remodeling Tips for Safer Senior Living

Happy New Year!

Here’s a resolution for you: helping your aging parents remodel! If they want age in place—stay in their home as long as possible—a few revisions could help keep them safe and comfortable. For some people, remodeling may even ward off a move to assisted living.

USA Today has a list of suggestions from aging-in-place specialist Dan Bawden. For example:

Widening doorways “can mean the difference between whether people can walk in …Read more ›

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New End-of-Life Medicare Law: How Controversial Is It?

Just how controversial is the idea of Medicare paying for end-of-life planning?

As we reported yesterday, The New York Times recently suggested “death panels” may be back: President Obama got a controversial end-of-life provision into law without Congress’s approval. But now, The Wall Street Journal reports that the new law is different.

The original provision:

would have given specific directions to doctors on what they should tell patients, including discussion of palliative care, …Read more ›

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Parents Aren’t Happy With Home Care? Customize It, Says Expert

If your aging parents aren’t happy with their home care, maybe more-personal customization would help, suggests elder-care consultant and mediator Carolyn Rosenblatt at the Forbes blog Aging Parents. She describes the vision one of her colleagues has for a sort of elder-care concierge model and then offers tips to put it into practice in your situation:

  • Research how to give your aging parents as much choice as possible about care at home and look at …Read more ›
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Holidays With Aging Parents: How to Bring Up Concerns

Many people see their aging parents only during the holidays. As we talked about yesterday, this time of year is an opportunity not just for visiting but for making sure all is well. But if you see problems, how do you bring them up?

At, the website for the California newspaper North County Times, freelance columnist Agnes Hermann gives advice on this topic as one of “we elderly folk.” Above all, …Read more ›

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Holidays With Aging Parents: 7 Problem Signs and Solutions

Holidays with aging parents grow more precious as the years go by. They may become more important too, for your parents’ well-being. If this is the only time you see them during the year, you may notice creeping problems not so obvious to others.

Senior-care experts often recommend a watchful eye around the holidays. Here are some signs to look for, with potential solutions.

Sign 1: Altered Appearance
Has their appearance, personal hygiene or housekeeping changed? …Read more ›

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors: Store-Bought

It’s getting down to the wire. Christmas is only three days away! Have you finished your shopping?

If you’re still looking for gifts for aging parents, the nationwide company Home Instead Senior Care has some ideas. They looked at senior gift requests and found a trend: practicality.

An analysis of more than 26,000 senior gift requests conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care® network throughout the U.S. reveals that the most popular holiday wishes of older …Read more ›

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Paying a Family Caregiver? Why a Contract Could Be Necessary

When it comes to paying a family caregiver, financial advice gets complicated. But at least one thing is clear: be transparent, suggests an article at The Wall Street Journal‘s website. Tell family members, and consider a contract.

Particularly in situations where a care recipient may eventually need to rely on Medicaid, attorneys say it is important to draft a written agreement—often called a “personal care contract”—that documents the caregiver’s responsibilities and hours and sets a …Read more ›

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When the Assisted Living Price Goes Up: What to Do

You’ve figured out a way to pay for senior care. Everything’s balanced. … And then the price goes up. What do you do?

That’s the situation presented in a recent post at The New Old Age. Not only have senior-care prices been increasing, but in facilities with different levels of care, when the level bumps up, your price does too.

If an assisted living facility insists on raising your aging parent’s care and you disagree with …Read more ›

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