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#ElderCareChat 11/16/16: Brainstorming Topics for 2017

#ElderCareChat celebrates its sixth year

#ElderCareChat celebrates its sixth yearSince this month marks the 6th year of #ElderCareChat’s existence, we took the time to get feedback from this week’s 15 participants on what topics they’ve enjoyed, what they’d like to revisit, and what new ground we should cover in 2017. Discussion questions are embedded below: (more…)

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#ElderCareChat 9/21/2016: All About Assisted Living

shutterstock_55168558September is National Assisted Living Month (NALM), so this week’s #ElderCareChat discussion was all about this popular level of senior care. Our 24 participants covered topics like what it’s like to visit, volunteer, and advocate in assisted living, among other things.

We were pleased to welcome Lakecia Harper, an LHNA who serves as health care administrator for Blakeford at Green Hills in Nashville (@Blakeford_Inc). Harper is responsible for maintaining resident medical records and …Read more ›

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Why You May Need a Senior or Geriatric Care Manager

geriatricManaging the care of an aging parent can be a major burden that takes both a mental and physical toll. Overwhelmed family members can find the relief they need by calling upon the expertise of a professional senior care manager, also known as a geriatric care manager. (more…)

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People Still Struggling to Get Timely Retirement Community Refunds

Certain retirement communities may promise a refund or partial refund of fees once you vacate your residence. But in June, we talked about how some people were having to wait a long time to get that refund because they were only set to receive it once their previous residence was rented out again.

The Des Moines register reports this is still going on but mentions a twist: Some people are being offered …Read more ›

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“Retirement” Communities Now Touting Work Spaces

Many people are continuing to work past traditional retirement age these days, and that’s led to a change in retirement communities, reports Senior Housing News: Spaces that can be used as home offices are now in demand.

“More and more, residents are still involved in personal business and charitable ventures,” says says Rocky Berg, principal with Dallas-based THREE Living, which counts senior living among its specialties. “They have work, entertainment and personal …Read more ›

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The 3 Types of Contracts for Continuing Care Retirement Communities

To move into a continuing care retirement community, you usually have to pay a hefty fee. But with many of these CCRCs, you get that fee back after moving out. Whether you do depends on which of three typical contract types the CCRC offers.

An article at the website for The Wall Street Journal explans a little about these contracts, including what they say about entrance fee refunds.

Nonprofit CCRCs …Read more ›

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Niche Retirement Communities Appear to Be Declining

Niche retirement communities seem to be on the decline, suggests The New Old Age. Those destinations for like-minded older folks—one for RVers, another for artists, even one for Indian immigrants—used to number around 100, either in operation or being planned. But they haven’t boomed.

The blog quotes niche-community expert Andrew J. Carle, from the College of Health and Human Services at George …Read more ›

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Parents, Adult Children Help Each Other Thanks to In-Law Suite

In-law suites are meant to help aging parents, right? Keeping the folks nearby means you can easily lend a hand.

Well, that’s true, but as one New Jersey family found, your parents may also be able to help you—and the next generation.

Vineland, NJ, newspaper The Daily Journal reports on the Ayars family. Debbie and Steve pooled their resources with those of their parents Blanche and Joe. Together, they built a dream home, complete …Read more ›

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Tips to Evaluate Financial Stability

Instead of buying expensive long-term care insurance, some people are moving to expensive continuing-care retirement communities, The Wall Street Journal reports. But either choice carries risks. Just like an insurance policy needs to be evaluated, so does that CCRC.

One aspect experts advise looking into is the CCRC’s financial stability. Dwindling finances have caused some CCRCs to cut staff or resources—or seek bankruptcy protection—the article reports. So:

To get a feel for a …Read more ›

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Report: Senior Villages Have Doubled Since 2010

Senior villages are still growing, it seems—and doing a lot of good.

Bloomberg reports that these community organizations, which provide services to older people for a yearly fee, are going strong. Their number has almost doubled since 2010, Bloomberg says, though that still means there are only 93 of them. Over a hundred more are in the works, however. Membership is up too.

But how much good are they doing? Well, after …Read more ›

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