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#ElderCareChat 10/4/17 Recap: Boosting Brain Health

#ElderCareChat recap -

#ElderCareChat analytics 10/4/17We were pleased to welcome Silverado, a nationally recognized provider of home care, memory care, and hospice services, as our expert panelist for our most recent #ElderCareChat. Silverado engaged participants in an exciting Twitter conversation on the importance of brain health as we age, and ways to keep the brain in optimum condition. (more…)

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Join the October 4, 2017 #ElderCareChat: Boosting Brain Health

#ElderCareChat recap -

Each month, join #ElderCareChat, a real-time forum for sharing experiences and expertise in eldercare! Follow @OurParents and @ElderCareChat on Twitter to contribute to the conversation.

The next #ElderCareChat will be held on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, from 1-2 pm ET, with guest panelists from Silverado, a nationally recognized provider of home care, memory care assisted living, and hospice services. …Read more ›

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A Campaign to Boost Your Brain Health

brain_healthThe human brain: it’s an incredible, complex organ that gives us the ability to think, learn, feel, create, innovate, see, hear and experience life. 

As awe-inspiring as the human brain is, we do become vulnerable to mental decline as we age. Research has helped us gain a greater understanding of various forms of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, along with other types of cognitive impairment and memory loss. Yet there is still …Read more ›

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Will Brain Games Make You Smarter?

brain games for seniors

brain games for seniorsThere’s no shortage of brain games for seniors, particularly online. Reputable organizations like AARP offer free online brain games so you can have fun testing your memory, attention, and language skills. Word games are designed to help you improve your vocabulary, crossword puzzles are geared toward enhancing your problem-solving abilities, and shape and color games aim to boost …Read more ›

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Brain-Healthy Habits May Lower Your Dementia Risk

brain_healthAmericans fear the prospect of developing Alzheimer’s disease more than they fear contracting any other major life-threatening illness such as cancer, stroke or heart disease. Thus, it will come as welcome news to learn that an increasing body of research suggests that healthy lifestyle choices are good not only for the body but also for the brain. …Read more ›

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