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Tips For Managing Your Sibling Relationships Over Parent Care And Avoiding The Sibling Rumble

Here are some tips from Francine Russo, author of THEY’RE YOUR PARENTS, TOO! (Bantam)
If you are your parent’s primary helper…
Ask yourself what you really want
Help? Appreciation? To be in charge? Lots of caregivers feel lonely and unappreciated. If you want your sibling to check in once a week just to let you vent, say …Read more ›

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When Elder Care Brings Back Sibling Tensions

FRANCINE RUSSO has an article in this week’s Time magazine. She weaves her own personal story with some interesting research –

“When my mother’s health was failing, I was the “bad” sister who lived far away and wasn’t involved. My sister helped my parents. She never asked me to do anything, and I didn’t volunteer. I was widowed, raising kids and working, but that wasn’t really why I kept to weekly calls and short, …Read more ›

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Family Caregivers To Seniors- Who are they ?

The National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP have surveyed the nation’s family caregivers and created a massive, highly detailed study funded by Metlife. The report, released this week, provides an interesting picture of who these family caregivers are and how things have changed over the past five years, since the last study.

The study shows that elder care remains primarily a woman’s work and that most caregivers continue to juggle unpaid caregiving …Read more ›

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Healthcare Legislation: Senior Caregivers Will Have Health Insurance

Many senior caregivers who work part-time or who work for smaller senior care companies do not have health care benefits. However, the health care legislation which recently passed the House of Representatives and now is up for consideration by the Senate, would provide a program where all employees would receive health care.

Impact to Caregiving Employees of the Recently passed health care bill in the House of Representatives:

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Has Your Home Caregiver Been Trained?

Most people are astonished to hear that many homecare workers do not have any formal education in caring for an elderly adult. Certified nurse aids and nurses must hold a license or a certification in all 50 states. Homemakers, sitters and companions, on the other hand, do not have to be certified or licensed.
A recent study by The Caregiving Project For Older Adults identified a common misconception that is likely to result in serious …Read more ›

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