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#ElderCareChat Recap 3/18/15: Solving the Financial Conundrums of Caregiving

shutterstock_143469946During Wednesday’s live discussion, 69 new and returning participants brainstormed solutions for solving the financial conundrums of caregiving, from making home modifications an affordable, viable option to practical tools for managing an ever-changing and often burgeoning caregiving budget. (more…)

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#ElderCareChat, which connects those passionate about sharing their experiences, challenges, suggestions, and expertise around eldercare, IS BACK!

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Why You May Need a Senior or Geriatric Care Manager

geriatricManaging the care of an aging parent can be a major burden that takes both a mental and physical toll. Overwhelmed family members can find the relief they need by calling upon the expertise of a professional senior care manager, also known as a geriatric care manager. (more…)

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#ElderCareChat 2/4/15 Recap: Helping Family Through a Caregiving Experience

Review highlights from this week's well-attended #ElderCareChat (89 people contributed) on the family matters of caregiving.During Wednesday’s live discussion, a large group — 89 attendees total! — flooded the tweet stream with their thoughts, tips, memories, and musings about the “family affair” that is a caregiving experience.


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How to Deal with Dementia in the Elderly

dementia_with_daughterDealing with dementia in the elderly is best achieved with a person-centered approach. With more than 15 million people providing unpaid care for Alzheimer’s disease alone, the need to understand how to care for someone with dementia is paramount. (more…)

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Memory Care Requires These Two Things

Spring_ArborOlder adults who require memory care do best when that care is built upon empathy and compassion. The Spring Arbor family of residences, wholly owned and managed by HHHunt Assisted Living, offers that type of care. (more…)

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Dealing with the “Gradual Grief” of Dementia

shutterstock_193978430Christine Varner, executive director at Pacifica Senior Living Belleair in Clearwater, Florida, shares her antidotes for the “gradual grief” that families impacted by an dementia diagnosis often encounter. (more…)

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The Medicaid Option That Can Pay Family Caregivers

Caregiving for a parent can be costly—especially if you quit your job to do it. But there are a few ways family caregivers can actually get paid for their caregiving work.

We published an article about this here. But recently, the syndicated Savvy Senior column also went over some options. For some people, one is Medicaid:

In 15 states, Medicaid offers a Cash & Counseling program (see …Read more ›

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Legal Option When You Need Time Off Work for Caregiving

Labor Day turns our thoughts to working caregivers. More and more people are juggling jobs with caring for aging parents, and employers are taking notice.

Nonetheless, not all companies provide help for employees who need to take off work for caregiving. But, “Even if a company doesn’t offer much flexibility, there are some options,” the blog points out.

The Family Medical Leave Act is usually associated with leave related to the birth or adoption of a …Read more ›

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Family Members Training As Home-Health Aides

Instead of hiring a home-health aide for their aging parents, some people are training to become an aide themselves, reports The Arizona Republic. This can work out well, but there are some potential pitfalls to be wary of.

The Republic tells the story of one woman, Jessica Hutchison, who became a certified nursing assistant to help care for her grandmother. She felt taking the three-week course at the Arizona Medical Training Institute …Read more ›

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