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Before Quitting Work for Caregiving, Know All Your Options

Quitting work to care for an elderly parent may seem like the right thing to do. But before making the leap, make sure you understand all your options, advises MetLife’s Mature Market Institute. You may have more than you think.

The financial blog The Best Life lists MetLife’s 10 tips related to finances and caregiving. Numbers three and four involve figuring out your options:

3. Make a caregiving budget. Before making a lifestyle decision …Read more ›

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Senior Care and Siblings: Beware Old Rivalries

Just because you’re a family therapist doesn’t mean all of your family relationships are smooth.

Like many adult children of aging parents, psychologist Barry J. Jacobs is struggling to come to agreement with his brother about their mom’s care. He tells his story at the AARP website and shares advice he’s trying to put into place himself.

One of his tips is to remember that you’re all grown up—both you and your …Read more ›

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Is a Nursing Home Necessary? 2 Questions to Ask Yourself

It can be quite a guilt-ridden time—deciding whether to move your parent to a nursing home. If you choose to do it, you may feel guilty. But if you don’t and something bad but preventable happens, there’s that guilt again, points out Marie Marley at The Huffington Post

To make the decision that’s right for your parent and yourself, break down the issues objectively, advises Marley, author of Come Back Early Today: A …Read more ›

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Study: Family Caregivers Lose Average of $300,000 in Wages, Benefits, Savings

Caring for an elderly parent is often seen as a noble calling. But it can also be an expensive one. Not only may you be paying for another person, but you could be losing an extra, oh, say, $300,000 you would have made by staying in the workforce—and that’s not just in wages.

The Herald-Tribune in Sarasota, FL, reminds us of this statistic in an article about being a family caregiver:

For unpaid …Read more ›

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Experts: When Elderly Parents Move In, They Need a Life Too

If you’re considering having an elderly parent move in with you, there are lots of things to think about: where they’ll get health care, whether your house needs accessibility modifications, how you’ll cover extra expenses. But one thing you might not have thought about yet is will your parent be bored?

In an article at the Fox Business website about multigenerational living, geriatric care manager Suzanne Modigliani advises asking yourself, “What …Read more ›

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Elderly Parents Refuse Help? Ask This Simple Question.

It can be frustrating when an elderly parent needs help at home but refuses it. What to do?

Take a breath, and find the answer to a simple question: Why? That’s what Judy Santamaria, director of family caregiver support at Visiting Nurse Service of New York, says in an article at The Huffington Post:

Try to understand the reasons for your loved one’s resistance. Is it a fear of dependence, loss of …Read more ›

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Expert: Be Realistic When Considering Moving Away From Elderly Parents

Deciding between two life-altering options is hard enough. Mix in a little guilt and fear, and your caught-in-the-middle predicament can feel downright paralyzing.

That’s the type of situation a reader describes over at the Home Instead blog Ask Dr. Amy. The reader’s mom has Alzheimer’s. Her husband has an important job offer that would move her a long way from her parents. What to do?

Dr. Amy, aka life transition consultant Amy …Read more ›

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Forgetful? This Pill Alerts Family When You Take Your Medicine

Worried about whether your elderly parents are taking their medicine? There’s a pill for that—in the U.K. at least. In a pilot program, U.K. citizens are trying out a tiny pill that, when swallowed, notifies a caregiver or doctor, along with a database family members can access. Next Avenue reports:

The pill gets all the electrical charge it needs from a patient’s stomach. Like the potato battery that illuminated a light …Read more ›

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Tip for Caregivers Working From Home: Create Time Boundaries

Thanks to modern technology, some caregivers are able to work from home these days. But if you’re considering doing so yourself, keep in mind that you’ll need to set clear boundaries with your loved one, MAS Home Care advises.

They recommend setting specific times to work and times to spend with the person you’re caring for. From the post:

During work time make sure they know that you cannot be interrupted unless …Read more ›

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What to Consider Before Moving an Elderly Parent

If you’re thinking of moving your elderly parent closer to you, one geriatric-medicine specialist has some tips to consider. Pamela Tronetti, D.O., has seen patients’ families make some major mistakes. At, she gives advice to help you avoid the headaches she’s witnessed.

For one thing, be realistic with yourself about how independent your parent is, she says. Also consider renting before buying, and know what Medicare won’t pay for. And …Read more ›

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