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Parents, Adult Children Help Each Other Thanks to In-Law Suite

In-law suites are meant to help aging parents, right? Keeping the folks nearby means you can easily lend a hand.

Well, that’s true, but as one New Jersey family found, your parents may also be able to help you—and the next generation.

Vineland, NJ, newspaper The Daily Journal reports on the Ayars family. Debbie and Steve pooled their resources with those of their parents Blanche and Joe. Together, they built a dream home, complete …Read more ›

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Free Training Workshops Available for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Many professional caregivers get training, so why not let ordinary, everyday folks in on it too? That’s what home-care company Home Instead Senior Care decided. They offer free caregiving workshops for people who care for someone with Alzheimer’s—whether they’re clients or not. NPR reports:

The company’s employees help older adults with things like meals, grooming and transportation. “Family members would be so surprised that our caregivers were able to get mom …Read more ›

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Smartphone App for Caregivers: Coordinate Help From Family and Friends

There’s a lot of stuff to do when you care for an elderly parent. You have to run your life, but you also have to help run theirs. So assistance from friends and family is invaluable. But how to coordinate it?

In a post about new aging-in-place technology, the AARP blog features a free smartphone app just for that purpose. It’s called the CarePartners Mobile app.

Users create a community of family …Read more ›

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Holidays in the Kitchen: Spending Time With Someone With Alzheimer’s

The gathering place for so much of the holidays is in the kitchen. That’s where many Christmas memories may be for people with Alzheimer’s. Laura Wayman, author of A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, has tips on how to tap into that for someone you care for. Her advice, which shares in an article about Thanksgiving, includes:

  • Fill your home with pleasant, traditional, soothing aromas. Put a couple of teaspoons …Read more ›
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Adult Day-Care Centers: A Break for Elderly Parents Too

With all the hustle and bustle and extra responsibilities, Christmastime can be overwhelming for anyone. On the other hand, caring for a frail parent or spouse can be overwhelming any time of year. Put the two together—caregiving while preparing for Christmas—and you’ve probably just about maxed out your stress level.

Thank goodness for respite care. At the website for the Florida newspaper Tallahassee Democrat, internist Donald Loucks, MD, makes a good …Read more ›

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Traveling With a Wheelchair? What to Do Before the Flight.

Traveling by plane with a wheelchair this Christmas? Just like you’d take your car to the shop before a big road trip, it’s also a good idea to take a wheelchair in before a flight, says Katie Gilstrap, co-founder of Lift Caregiving. She writes in a column at the website for Virginia newspaper the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Consider getting the wheelchair both a checkup and a tuneup before your departure. It might be …Read more ›

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Caregivers: How to Make the Thanksgiving Craziness Work for You

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Will you be seeing family this year? Thanksgiving with the relatives can be wonderful but also stressful—especially if you’re a family caregiver.

For one thing, caregivers tend to want to stick to normal routines, says the Family Caregiver Alliance. Their suggestion? Good luck with that. You’ve just gotta face it: The holidays are crazy. At their website, they offer advice for when the siblings come over. Tip number one:

Accept the reality …Read more ›

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Care for a Veteran? Know This VA Phone Number

We hope you had a good Veterans Day. If you care for someone who served, we’d like to extend our thanks to your loved one and to you for the sacrifices you’ve both made.

At the website for the Department of Veterans Affairs, you’ll find a short article for caregivers like you here. It talks about some of the VA’s resources, including a help line:

VA’s National Caregiver Support Line — 855-260-3274 …Read more ›

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Share Carrots, Good Finds With Elderly Parents to Save You Both Money

If both you and your elderly parents are watching your money these days, do it together, advises entrepreneur David Ning, who runs You might help each other, learn from each other and protect your retirement finances to boot.

In a recent column, Ning offers a few money-saving tips for caregivers. On the drastic-change end, he suggests asking elderly parents to move in. On the little-things-add-up end, he says to share …Read more ›

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Aging-in-Place Technology: “Spy” Shoes Help Keep People With Dementia Safe

As more and more people choose to age in place, more and more technology hits the market to help them stay out of nursing homes or assisted living. picked 10 such products for an online slide show of “Granny Pods and More.

The featured technology includes “walking shoes that spy on Grandma”:

These walking shoes have a GPS transmitter and receiver embedded in the right heel. Caregivers go online to …Read more ›

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