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Male Caregivers Get Their Own Online Community

Whether caring for children or elderly parents, most caregivers are traditionally women. But more and more men have been stepping in to care for their parents these days, and the Wall Street Journal reports that they’re starting to get support tailored to them.

For example:

worried that male caregivers might be less likely to talk about issues or stress from caregiving, …Read more ›

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Even Pros Sometimes Uncomfortable Giving Parents Certain Care, Says AARP

Changing bandages on Dad’s wound. Helping Mom with incontinence issues. Family caregivers are “routinely performing” nursing tasks at home, reports AARP. And they’re not always comfortable with it.

If you’re in that boat, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. An article on advises:

Different people have different levels of tolerance for performing tasks that require invasive procedures, like wound care, or intimate care — such as managing incontinence for a …Read more ›

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Overnight “Party” for People With Dementia Lets Caregivers Sleep

When people have dementia, they sometimes don’t sleep well—which means their caregivers don’t either.

One care center in New York has come up with a solution: basically, adult day care at night. Participants stay overnight and do all sorts of activities. The Associated Press reports:

“It’s a party,” says an 81-year-old woman, among dozens of patients brought to a Bronx nursing home every night for a structured series …Read more ›

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In-Law Apartments Not Always Allowed; Check Your Zoning Ordinances

Have you considered building an in-law apartment for your parent? The website for the San Francisco Chronicle has a quick rundown on some of the things you might want to think about. First and foremost: Is it allowed?

In many areas, in-law apartments are not legal because they violate the zoning ordinances of the community. … Communities that allow in-law apartments place restrictions on who can live there, limiting occupancy to direct relatives. …Read more ›

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New Book Gives Advice for Family-Managed Senior Care

If you’re thinking about caring for an elderly parent yourself, you may be interested in a new book that’s just hit shelves. It’s called Who Will Take Care of Mom? A Guide for Family-Managed Senior Care.

The St. Louis Beacon interviewed the author, Cynthia Wilson, who’s cared for her mother for 13 years. She calls her mother’s care “family-managed.”

Family-managed care is the right option, she says, if family members share common views …Read more ›

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Labor Day Tip: Why One Expert Advises Taking Your Parents’ Picture to Work

Happy Labor Day!

We hope you’re enjoying some barbecue, time with friends or a good old-fashioned nap. And for when you go back to laboring tomorrow, here’s a little tip from an aging expert: Bring a picture of your parents with you.

Mariam Larson, who lives in Canada, says bosses need to know what’s going on right under their noses. Caring for an elderly parent while working is downright hard. The Royal City Record  …Read more ›

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Alzheimer’s Activity Idea: Make Treats for Shelter Dogs

When you have Alzheimer’s or care for someone who does, it’s easy to become isolated and depressed. Last week, we talked about social support groups to help combat this. But, of course, you don’t have to wait for group meetings to get out. Caregivers can also plan activities for just themselves and the people they care for.

Alicia Seaver, executive director of the assisted living center Bridges by EPOCH in Hingham, MA, …Read more ›

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Dealing With Alzheimer’s? Shun Isolation Through Social Support Groups

When people say, “I know how you feel,” they usually don’t. But when you find someone who really has been there, it can be such a comfort.

That’s what some people dealing with Alzheimer’s in Oregon have found. The San Francisco Chronicle profiles two local support groups for people who have the disease and their caregivers. One is called the Wild Bunch.

The Wild Bunch began as a motley group of strangers. During an eight-month series on memory …Read more ›

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Elderly Parent Moving In? How One Family Paid for an Extra Bedroom

Sell the house and add a bedroom. That was one family’s plan when an elderly parent was moving in. And it worked great.

Time reports on the financial aspects of having an elderly parent move in and profiles how one family dealt with them. Namely, they started talking early and came up with a plan.

“Victoria’s elderly mom moved in with her after her father’s death,” the article explains. But the house needed remodeling for …Read more ›

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Heat Wave? If Your Elderly Parent Sounds “a Little Different,” It’s Time for a Visit, Expert Says

We’re in the middle of summer now, so here’s your friendly reminder to keep checking on your elderly relatives, especially if a heat wave comes around. Older people are less able to adapt to the heat, and they may not recognize when they’re in danger, reports the Nebraska newspaper Lincoln Journal Star. On top of that, some  refrain from using the air conditioner to save money.

“If you have an elderly …Read more ›

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