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Celebrating Diversity in Senior Living

Celebrating diversity in senior living

Celebrating diversity in senior livingIt’s human nature to flock toward those who look the same as we do, but there is value in expanding our world to interact with people of all races and ethnicities. As we commemorate Black History Month and beyond, how can we also celebrate racial and ethnic diversity within our senior living communities?

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What’s the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community?

What's the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community

Independent livingWhat's the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, continuing care retirement community (CCRC), life plan community… navigating the landscape of the various types of senior living communities can be …Read more ›

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The 3 Types of Contracts for Continuing Care Retirement Communities

To move into a continuing care retirement community, you usually have to pay a hefty fee. But with many of these CCRCs, you get that fee back after moving out. Whether you do depends on which of three typical contract types the CCRC offers.

An article at the website for The Wall Street Journal explans a little about these contracts, including what they say about entrance fee refunds.

Nonprofit CCRCs …Read more ›

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Tips to Evaluate Financial Stability

Instead of buying expensive long-term care insurance, some people are moving to expensive continuing-care retirement communities, The Wall Street Journal reports. But either choice carries risks. Just like an insurance policy needs to be evaluated, so does that CCRC.

One aspect experts advise looking into is the CCRC’s financial stability. Dwindling finances have caused some CCRCs to cut staff or resources—or seek bankruptcy protection—the article reports. So:

To get a feel for a …Read more ›

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New Trend: Financial Planners Helping Evaluate Retirement Communities

Professionals not normally associated with senior care are jumping into the game, The Wall Street Journal reports. They’re serving as advisors.

Though the trend is in its early stages … financial planners—especially those who serve a number of elderly clients—are starting to help clients evaluate local retirement-living options and their costs. …

Sometimes planners band together with other professionals who work with the elderly so they can coordinate in-home services to avoid …Read more ›

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Touring a Continuing-Care Retirement Community? Make Sure the Nursing Home Matches Up

Have you found a beautiful continuing-care retirement community? Make sure its nursing home is beautiful too, advises Jamie Yockin, admissions director for assisted living and skilled nursing at Bethany Village, a continuing care retirement community in Pennsylvania. The news site reports:

While it’s easy to fall in love with the glitz of the residential cottages or estate homes, tour the assisted living and skilled areas as well. “When …Read more ›

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Continuing-Care Retirement Communities “Without Walls” More Affordable—and Growing

Traditional continuing-care retirement communities are out of reach for many pocketbooks. But now, more and more CCRCs are offering off-campus plans that keep you in your current home—and with a heftier bank account. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Run by professional management typically affiliated with a conventional CCRC, these home-based care programs generally offer a variety of service packages, each covering at least a portion of the future cost …Read more ›

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What It’s Like to Live in a Retirement Community–One Year In

What happens after The Move?

When an aging parent is moving to a retirement community or assisted living, it’s often emotionally difficult. But what about after the initial shock? After the settling-in period? What does a year in look like?

When senior-care blogger Paula Span drove her father to a continuing-care retirement community one year ago, she wasn’t sure which one of them was more anxious, she writes at The New Old Age.

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Surprising Tax Deductions in Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

It’s springtime! Yay! Which means, of course, tax season. Boo.

If you or your parents moved into a continuing-care retirement community last year, there is good news though. Part of the CCRC entry fee may be tax-deductible. Tax professional Robert Flach writes at the website MainStreet:

Any portion of the lump-sum entry fee identified in the residential agreement as a condition for the facility’s promise to provide lifetime medical care …Read more ›

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Update, Part 2: Retirement Community Revises Controversial Dining-Room Policy Again

At one continuing-care retirement community in Virginia, most residents are once again allowed to eat in the same dining room—with a few caveats.

Harbor’s Edge retirement community, in Norfolk, had instituted a controversial policy that reserved certain eating areas for their independent-living residents. After push-back, Harbor’s Edge revised the policy to allow a few more folks in—namely, people who originally lived in the independent wing but moved …Read more ›

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