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What’s the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community?

What's the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community

Independent livingWhat's the Difference Between a CCRC and a Life Plan Community, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, continuing care retirement community (CCRC), life plan community… navigating the landscape of the various types of senior living communities can be …Read more ›

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#ElderCareChat 11/18/2015: Senior Living Search 101

shutterstock_226249162-2Fact: 47 participants + 711 total tweets + 5,576,413 impressions = one hour chock full of resources for anyone considering a senior living search now or in the future. (more…)

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The Rise of Faith Based Senior Living

faith based senior living

faith based senior livingFor many seniors, faith is a way of life. Whether that faith is one that has provided sustenance through the decades or is more of a recent discovery, spiritual life tends to take priority as the end of physical life draws nearer.


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Managing a Senior Health Crisis: What to Ask Before Leaving the Hospital

discharge planning

discharge planningWhen crisis happens, we’re often caught off guard. Perhaps your mom fell at home and broke her hip, or your uncle suffered a heart attack in the nursing home. They are rushed to the hospital, and then discharged after a few days of acute care. But what happens when they arrive back at home or their senior living community and are unprepared for life …Read more ›

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When Is It Time to Move Your Parents to Assisted Living?

when to move parents to assisted living

when to move parents to assisted livingWhen to move your parents to assisted living – it’s a question faced by a growing number of adult children, and it’s not an easy one to answer.


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Residents Give Advice for Affording Continuing-Care Retirement Community

Continuing-care retirement communities are known to be expensive. They often have not just high monthly fees but also large entrance fees. Nonetheless, CCRCs, which offer independent living along with long-term care when you need it, may be affordable to more people than you think, some residents say.

At The Best Life, residents of a CCRC in Maryland offer various tips for prospective CCRC residents. One point they make is these communities …Read more ›

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Ask Retirement Community Financial “What Ifs” Before Moving In

When evaluating retirement communities, you’ll want to ask them a lot of questions—many not about amenities and activities but about finances.

Some of those questions—financial and not—are covered in “What to Look For When Shopping For a Retirement Community” at The Best Life blog. As you may have heard elsewhere, you should ask things like how much various things will cost you and about the community’s finances. But also, the …Read more ›

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People Still Struggling to Get Timely Retirement Community Refunds

Certain retirement communities may promise a refund or partial refund of fees once you vacate your residence. But in June, we talked about how some people were having to wait a long time to get that refund because they were only set to receive it once their previous residence was rented out again.

The Des Moines register reports this is still going on but mentions a twist: Some people are being offered …Read more ›

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The 3 Types of Contracts for Continuing Care Retirement Communities

To move into a continuing care retirement community, you usually have to pay a hefty fee. But with many of these CCRCs, you get that fee back after moving out. Whether you do depends on which of three typical contract types the CCRC offers.

An article at the website for The Wall Street Journal explans a little about these contracts, including what they say about entrance fee refunds.

Nonprofit CCRCs …Read more ›

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Tips to Evaluate Financial Stability

Instead of buying expensive long-term care insurance, some people are moving to expensive continuing-care retirement communities, The Wall Street Journal reports. But either choice carries risks. Just like an insurance policy needs to be evaluated, so does that CCRC.

One aspect experts advise looking into is the CCRC’s financial stability. Dwindling finances have caused some CCRCs to cut staff or resources—or seek bankruptcy protection—the article reports. So:

To get a feel for a …Read more ›

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