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When Senior Living Is Desirable (Not Mandatory)

When senior living is desirable

When senior living is desirableIs senior living a place you hope to avoid, or a place where you’d love to go? While the former has traditionally been the common response, the tide is turning in favor of senior living as a desirable option for vibrant older adults.


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Expert: “On-Staff Nurse” May Not Mean What You Think in Assisted Living

The assisted living exposé PBS recently aired has prompted a number of responses from people who work in the senior-care field. At, long-term care expert Carolyn Rosenblatt weighs in by sharing why assisted living may be wrong for some people who nonetheless have been accepted into these communities.

She warns not to rely on the nurse some communities now have on staff. Assisted living is still not a nursing home:

The bottom line …Read more ›

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When a Nursing Home May Be Better Than Assisted Living

Sometimes, a nursing home is a better choice than an assisted living community, even if that community is willing to take you. So says an article at that accompanies their waves-making documentary about assisted living horror stories.

“Seven Questions to Ask When Searching for Assisted Living” warns that before deciding on assisted living, you should consider how much care you need—now and in the future. “Experts say that is especially …Read more ›

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Assisted Living Facilities Introduce 24/7 Nursing Care

Think 24/7 nursing care isn’t available in assisted living communities? That’s generally true if you’re talking about around-the-clock care for one person. But if you mean nursing care that’s available at all times just in case, some assisted living communities do offer that.

Darien News, a newspaper in Connecticut, reports:

Six months ago, Maplewood Senior Living … introduced 24/7 licensed nursing care into its facilities. In those six months, the number of …Read more ›

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Some Assisted Living Facilities Have Accepted People They Can’t Care For: Questions to Ask

You’d think an assisted-living community would only accept people it could care for. But that’s not always the case, according to Florida Today, a newspaper in Brevard County.

When choosing a facility, make sure it can provide the care you require—and that the care quality is good overall. In the Florida Today article, Bruce Rosenblatt, vice president of sales at the Brevard assisted living community Buena Vida, advises asking questions such …Read more ›

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Finding Care for Aging Parents: Tips From People Who Have Been There

Nestled in the middle of an article about elder care in Northern Michigan sits a tips list that’s helpful for people in any part of the country.

The Petoskey News-Review relates the story of the Rellinger siblings, who navigated the home-care system and then the nursing home one when caring for their aging parents. Scroll down to the second section in the article to see one of the siblings’ tips for finding care. They include:

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